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d'Limonene is obtained as a by-product of the citrus juice industry. It is the major component of the oil extracted from the rinds of citrus fruits. There are two main grades of d'Limonene which are called food grade and technical grade. When citrus fruits are juiced, the oil is extracted out of the rind. The juice is separated from the oil and the oil is distilled to recover certain flavor and fragrance compounds. This is called food grade d-limonene which is 96% to 97% pure and has a mild orange aroma. After the juicing process, the peels are taken to a steam extractor. More oil is extracted from the peel. When the steam is condensed, a layer of oil floats on the surface of the condensed water. This is called technical grade d'Limonene which is 95% pure and has a strong orange aroma. Both products are called orange terpenes. Both are kosher-certified. Food grade d'Limonene is usually used for consumer products and technical grade is used for industrial products..

Pure d'Limonene is lighter than water, and is usually colorless (though depending on grade can have an off white to yellow color). The commercial product has a boiling range of 310-352 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a flash point of 119 degrees Fahrenheit and is considered a combustible liquid. It is not soluble in water (unless a surfactant is added). Adding water to d'Limonene generally raises the flash point, making the product safer. Depending on the composition, d-limonene can dissolve paraffin waxes, greases, and plastics (ABS, urethane, Styrofoam, etc.).

During the last ten years, the use of d'Limonene has grown immensely. Much of the product is used to give an orange fragrance to products, used as a secondary cooling fluid and used in making paint solids. However, the largest growth has been in both household/institutional and industrial products. D-Limonene can be used as a straight solvent or as a water dilutable product.

As a straight solvent, d-limonene can replace many types of products such as fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents, acetone, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), mineral spirits, glycol ethers, and toluene. Since it is not water soluble, it can be used in typical water separation units. Straight d-limonene can be used in spray systems, as a wipe cleaner, in a dip bath and is a direct substitute for most other organic solvents.

As a water dilutable and rinsable solution, d'Limonene must first be combined with a surfactant. These products are mostly used in household and institutional settings in place of caustic and other water-based cleaners. Both pre-diluted solutions of d'Limonene/surfactant or concentrated solutions which need to be diluted before use can be made. The use concentrations of d-limonene are usually 5-15%. Usually these solutions are used as wipe cleaners or as a spray. It can also be used in industrial settings where a water rinse for parts washing is desired to remove any residue which may remain.


From a personal safety standpoint, d'Limonene is a much safer product for use than most other solvents. It is much less toxic than mineral spirits. D-Limonene is also non-caustic and non-reactive to metal surfaces. It has been classified as a slight skin irritant, but it is not carcinogenic or mutagenic. It is biodegradable, but due to its low flash point, it must be treated as hazardous waster for disposal. It does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals but is currently regulated as a VOC. d'Limonene has a zero net global warming potential and is an environmentally preferable product (EPP) used as is or as part of an EPP formulation. It is listed as a nontoxic chemical in TSCA, is not a SARA Title III compound and is not regulated by the Clean Air Act. The product is also classified as a food additive and has been granted the FDA's GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status. The EPA regulates the use of limonene when insecticidal properties are claimed.

d'Limonene's safety record and effectiveness make it an excellent replacement for a number of other industrial solvents that may have problems with toxicity, flammability and waste disposal. Because it is extracted from naturally occurring sources (citrus fruit peels), itís use as a cleaning solvent does not result in the release into the environment of any more materials than would occur naturally. Using naturally derived solvents as cleaning agents is the ultimate in source reduction. d'Limonene is extremely safe and more effective than most cleaning solutions. It is a very versatile chemical which can be used for a wide variety of applications. d'Limonene is an excellent replacement for toxic chlorinated solvents, glycol ether, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), xylene, Freon, and CFC's.

Solvent-resistant gloves should be worn when working with d-limonene. The best gloves to use are Nitrile, although Viton and polyethylene film gloves will work. d'Limonene has been classified as a slight skin irritant, because it can remove naturally occurring oils from the skin. This has not been shown to cause lasting damage.

Used straight, d-limonene can cause a certain amount of swelling of polymers, so any plastic materials must be chosen carefully. This includes equipment seals made of rubber, such as Buna-N, EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene terpolymer) or Neoprene. It is compatible with Viton. It can delaminate carpet backing. d'Limonene is biodegradable, but due to its low flash point, it must be treated as hazardous waste for disposal.


Adhesive Remover, Asbestos shingle remover, Bathroom cleaner, Car wash, Carpet stain cleaner, Concrete cleaner (used in warehouse floor scrubbers or for cleaning oils and greases off concrete pads and parking structures), Cosmetic applications, Electronics cleaning, engine degreaser (automotive, aircraft, and aerospace industries), Floor cleaner, Fragrance additive, Graffiti remover, Grease trap maintainer, Hand cleaner, Heat transfer medium, Industrial odor control applications, Kitchen cleaner, Laundry pre-spotter, Lift station and sewage treatment applications, Marine vessel cleaner, Metal cleaner (industrial), Parts cleaner, Printing press cleaner, Recycling applications, Tar/asphalt remover, Tile remover, Wheel cleaner, Window cleaner. d'Limonene is also a possible candidate for a variety of medical applications including cancer and Aids research, and has been been noted to have insecticidal properties.


CITRA GRIME Multi-Surface Deodorizing Foam Cleaner - Aerosol #CPT48818
A powerful, heavy duty foam cleaner that clings to and cleans any water safe hard surface. Contains special grease cutting additives and detergents for instant cleaning and grime dissolving action. Enhanced with citrus oil to deodorize as it cleans. Flash Point: 212 °F.

CITRA POUR Cleaner Degreaser and Deodorizer #CPT41620
A 100% active, all natural, highly dilutable, citrus based cleaner in a pour top aerosol type can. Concentrated cleaner can be diluted to desired strength for many cleaning jobs. Excellent grease- cutting action. Leaves the area where used with a lingering fresh citrus fragrance. Flash Point: 122 °F (T.O.C).

DIO-SOLV Aliphatic Solvent #S4363
Dio-Solv is an excellent degreaser that may be useful for some degreasing operations where 1,1,1,-Trichlorethane was being used. Dio-Solv is useful for degreasing and removing tar from vehicles, removing printers ink, and for the cleaning of motor and equipment parts. Flash Point: 150 °F. Dielectric Strength: 48,400 volts. Odor: Citrus. Appearance: Clear liquid. Dilution Rate: 4 oz. Per gallon of water.

DOUBLE O.S. Floating Non-Petroleum Solvent #S4315 USDA: C1
100% pure all-organic floating solvent that will replace the petroleum distillates being used by many sewage-treatment facilities. This product dissolves grease and other organic matter found in lift stations, wet wells, sewage lines and grease traps. This product contains no petroleum distillates and no emulsifiers and has a natural orange fragrance which makes it an excellent odor counteractant. Odor: Citrus. Appearance: Blue Liquid. Flash Point: 121 °F (C.C.).

FLOAT - Floating Degreaser #S390
Floating grease and scum solvent. This product is also used for removal of any printing inks, rosins, ester gums, alkyd resins, tar and asphalt. Appearance: Green Liquid. Flash Point: 122 °F (C.C.). Odor: Citrus. Dilution: Ready to Use.

ORANGE D-1000 Pure Emulsifiable díLimonene - Citrus Degreaser #BCIT-100
This environmentally safe multi-purpose concentrate will instantly emulsify grease, oils and fats without the use of harsh acids, alkalines or petroleum solvents. It is 100% organic, free rinsing and has an extremely strong citrus fragrance to deodorize effectively. Ideal uses for this product include degreasing concrete floors, equipment, trucks, motors and metal surfaces and will remove most resins, adhesives, printing inks, decals, rubber solvent tire marks, tar and asphalt and most soils that are removed by conventional solvent-based degreasers. Used in a weekly maintenance program, it will keep drains and pipes free flowing and sanitary. Appearance: Clear to Yellowish liquid. Odor: Citrus. Flash Point: 122 °F.

ORANGE D-2000 Degreaser/Declogger/Deodorant #BS4313 USDA: C1
100% organic formulation representing a completely new approach in one step degreasing, declogging and deodorizing. It is non-corrosive and contains no petroleum distillates, organic halides or alkalies. This multipurpose formulation will strip grease and heavy oil deposits from virtually any surface. It will emulsify instantly in water to penetrate and liquefy many different types of resins and greases. pH: (10%EMULSION) 4-7. Appearance: Orange liquid. Odor: Citrus. Flash Point 120 °F. Dilution: Ready to use.

PERFECT ORANGE - Concentrated Terpene Cleaner #S4397
A water-soluble cleaner/degreaser with less than 30% VOCs and contains no petroleum distillates. Its biodegradable surfactants and natural orange terpenes are environmentally responsible yet effective in cleaning and deodorizing the toughest jobs. This product can be used on most surfaces not harmed by water. Appearance: Clear Orange. Odor: Citrus. pH: 10.5-11.5. Flash Point 110 °F. Dilution: 6 oz. Per gallon of water.

PUNCH Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser - Aerosol #CPT47016
A unique aerosol foam which enable simple and easy cleanup of tools, parts, workbenches, vent covers, machinery, coils, industrial equipment, concrete and more! Sprays as an engulfing, heavy duty foam that clings to surfaces and provides extended cleaning contact time. Contains super powerful, water soluble, grease dissolving agents and detergents for instant ìmega-forcefulî cleaning action. Provides a self-indicating foam which quickly breaks down grease and grime and becomes dirty, indicating soil is ready to be flushed away.

RIGHT STUFF - Aerosol carpet spotter/degreaser/deodorizer #S4328
This product is a concentrated, natural terpene degreaser. It can be used for the toughest degreasing jobs, but yet is gentle enough for removing chewing gum on carpets. Odor: Citrus. Ready to use.

THE ALTERNATIVE Degreaser/Deodorant #S4323 USDA:K1
An organic orange-based solvent used to remove heavy grease and oil buildups from most surfaces. This product contains a surfactant system which allows it to be completely water rinsable. pH: (10% Emulsion) 4-7. Appearance: Orange liquid. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Flash Point: 122 °F.

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