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We will be featuring new items on this page and will be expanding it to include many specially priced items. Check back with us frequently. For more information or to order, just e-mail us at or call us at 1-800-929-3949. Remember, as your single source industrial supplier, we offer over 200,000 items. Many of our industrial chemicals are featured on this website. We also offer several catalogs tailored to fit your needs.

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The Powerful Waterless Skin Cleaner.

SKIN-CLEAN 2000™ is a clean, sanitary foam, ideal for removing dirt, paint, printer’s ink, carbon, grease, lubricants, adhesives, wax, tar, oil and many other stubborn soils without the need for water. The non-allergenic formula features the moisturizing power of aloe vera and lanolin to condition and restore moisture to dried-out skin. SKIN-CLEAN 2000™ provides a mobile, one-step, effective cleaning system which eliminates rinsing and drying, offering true time-saving economy, convenience, and portability. And, unlike many waterless handcleaners that have a strong odor, SKIN-CLEAN 2000™ has a pleasant fragrance.

Industrial Workers, Machinists, Mechanics, Assembly Line Workers, Craftspersons, Plumbers, Masons, Painters, Service Persons, Printers, Silk Screeners, Machinists, Glaziers, Municipal workers, Assembly Line Workers, construction workers, service technicians and anyone that gets their skin dirty. painters, service persons, industrial workers and anyone who gets their skin dirty.

Dirt, Grease, Lubricants, Adhesives, Carbon, Paint, Printers Ink, Wax, Tar, Oil and many other stubborn stains and soils from the skin.

Shake can well. Spray a generous amount of SKIN-CLEAN 2000™ into palm. Rub hands together. Wipe clean with paper towel or clean shop towel. May be rinsed with water if desired.

Quickly Removes:
Dirt, Grease, Oil
Lubricants Adhesives, Paint Printers Ink, Wax, Tar and More!

Product #B855
Only $52.00 Doz.

The Amazing Skin Protector!

Protect skin against the elements and irritants that can cause contact dermatitis. If you or your employees are suffering from dry, red, cracked, itchy, or peeling skin, then its time to take action. Employees suffering from skin irritations cause loss of time at work and lower production levels!

SKIN SHIELD 2000™ is being used in all types of industry to protect the skin from irritants abundant in today's work environment. It forms a highly resistant barrier between skin and dirt, oil, grease, solvents, paints, fiberglass fibers, resins, alkalies, acids, inks, tar, and shop grime. Since it resists water wash off, it is an excellent skin protectant to use when working in water for extended periods. SKIN SHIELD 2000™ allows skin to flex and breathe, reduces under-glove perspiration and helps to protect against reactions from latex sensitivity. One application protects for up to four hours. The non-allergenic and greaseless formula features the moisturizing power of aloe vera and lanolin. Virtually invisible on the skin, it allows touch and feel sensitivity not obtainable with gloves. Clean up is much easier too. In many cases harsh soaps, cleansers and scrubbing which can also cause dry, itchy, and irritated skin can be eliminated.


Chemical Workers, Construction Workers, Industrial Workers, Mechanics, Printers, Craftpersons, Plumbers, Painters, Service Persons, Nurses, Beauticians, Bartenders, or anyone who comes in contact with chemicals, grease, dirt, or works in water for extended periods.


Harsh Chemicals, Fiberglass Fibers, Resins, Grease, Paints, Dyes, Dirt, Grime, Latex Sensitivity, Epoxies, Inks, Extended Water Contact and more.

Convenient Aerosol, Sanitary, Moisturizing, Protects up to 4 hours, Smooth Cream, Allows skin to breathe, Dries Fast, Authorized by USDA.

Shake can well. Spray a generous amount of SKIN SHIELD™ on clean hands. Rub hands together. The foam will disappear, penetrating into pores and providing deep protection. Make sure to get under fingernails and remove jewelry to assure complete coverage. For areas other than the hands, apply foam to fingertips and rub into desired area. To remove, wash off with soap and water.

Note: SKIN SHIELD 2000™ is not a substitute for taking necessary safety precautions when using harsh chemicals and other products. Please read and follow all directions and cautions on the product(s) you are using.

Protects Skin Against Irritation From:
Harsh Chemicals
Latex Sensitivity
Fiberglass Fibers
Grease, Dirt & Grime
Epoxies & Resins
Water Contact
Inks and more

It Works!

Product #B596
Only $72.00 Dozen

The Ultimate Industrial Contact Cleaner!

CC4000™ is a high purity, high dielectric, non-flammable solvent. It is specially formulated for removing grease, oxides, condensation and other contaminants from sophisticated electronic and electro-mechanical parts. CC4000™ is quick drying, residue free and safe on rubber and electronic insulation, paints, and most plastics*. It has a low odor, low order of toxicity and is 26,000 volt dielectric strength.
*Not for use on styrene or polystryene

Industrial Plants, Computer Installations, Automotive, Office, Schools, Hospitals, Weather Tracking and Monitoring Stations, Audio Visual Departments, Gaming Industry, Robotics, Radar Installations and more.

Circuit Boards, Terminals, Relays, Switches, Contacts, Circuit Breakers, Rheostats, Potentiometers, Tuners, Control Panels, Motors and Other Electrical Equipment, Magnetic Tape, Audio and Video Recording Equipment, Office Equipment, Security Systems and more.

Dirt, Grease, Flux and Oily Contaminates from printed circuit boards, distribution panels, contacts, switches, relays, tape heads, and more.

Spray directly onto surface, holding can close to work. For hard to reach areas, insert extension tube (included) into actuator orifice.

Dries in Seconds
Residue Free
USDA Authorized
Meets Military Spec
26,000Volt Dielectric Strength

Product #B804

Only $98.50 Dozen


This catalog features over 190,000 industrial products from over 700 manufacturers that supply us with the highest quality products available anywhere. It contains clear and concise descriptions with product specifications and color photographs. Most products are shipped same day. MSDS data sheets are available for all products that require them. Quantity discounts are available. Our experienced sales representatives can assist you in locating and ordering that special item you need. Have a product, application or engineering question? No time to order or read a catalog? Just e-mail us your request and one of our product specialists will get back to you with the information you need.

Check out the Tool page under products on this website for a list of catalog sections, products, and manufacturers from our Industrial Tool Supply Catalog. To order a catalog, go to the contact page and request one.

Order Your Catalog Today!

Product # PD80-3615


PL-39 is an all-purpose, non-flammable, non-conductive mechanic spray. Penetrates through rust and corrosion to loosen frozen nuts and bolts. Displaces moisture in wet electrical systems. Leaves treated surfaces protected with residual anti-corrosive film. Does not contain any chlorinated solvents. Safe around most plastic and paint. Features a non-flammable spray.

39,000 Volt Dielectric Strength
USDA Authorized
Non-Flammable spray and non-chlorinated.
Meets Military Specification MIL-C-23411
Penetrates quickly to clean and cut through rust and corrosion.
Lubricates parts to ensure free and easy movement. Frees frozen fittings, loosens nuts and bolts.
Demoisturizes and creates a waterproof film to inhibit corrosion and electrical discharge.
Protects parts against atmospheric & chemical corrosion by creating a non-drying film.
Safe on most plastics.

Utility companies, marine repair, auto mechanics, serviceman, marine repair, plumbers, industrial plants, refineries, food and bottling plants, heavy equipment companies, railroads, trucking, shipping, oil fields construction and more.

Frozen nuts and bolts, hinges, screws, clamps, linkages, fasteners, molds, lug nuts, threaded parts, tools, engine parts, motors, bearings, gears, relays, starters, generators and more.

Also available in ready-to-use liquid - 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.

Only $75.00 Dozen.

The Back Support That Works!

BACK-A-LINE - The Most Endorsed Belt in America!

Only Back-A-Line, with its patented*, light-weight, firm lumbar pad, stops pain, promotes good posture, strengthens muscles and effectively prevents back injury. Back-A-Line is like no other back support on the market! Because it is firm instead of elastic, it provides consistent support, while typical elastic back supports give out when you need them most. Elastic belts merely squeeze you in whatever posture you may already be in (which may be unsafe), without instilling better postural habits. Back-A-Line's patented lumbar pad has been independently proven to coax the spine into better posture, and support it accordingly. If it doesn't improve posture, it's not a back support.

*The Back-A-Line belt is so unique that its design is patented!
U.S. PATENTS #5,429,587 AND #5,651,763.

The Back-A-Line belt has unlimited use . . .driving, lifting, standing, sitting, exercising, gardening, building, hiking, golfing, lifting, climbing, and more. The Back-A-Line back support can be worn all day long and can be worn under or over clothes.

SIZES: (Add 1" to your waist size if wearing over clothes)
Extra Small: 23" - 28"
Small: 27" - 32"
Medium: 31" - 36"
Large: 35" - 40"
XLarge: 39" - 44"
XXLarge: 43" - 48"

Quantity discounts available. Available in black or blue. Quantity discounts available. Your company logo can be imprinted on the back of the belt when ordering 48 or more belts.

Back-A-Line Tool Belt - Also available in a tool belt style.
You can thread a 2" worbelt through 4 tunnel loops and hang your tool pouches (not included) from the belt. Black only.

Elastic Belts
Nylon or Leather
Relieves Back Pain
(according to major medical school study)
Promote and Support Safe Posture
(back is structurally most sound in this curve)
Activates Back (Erector) Muscles
(back muscles work effectively only when in a normally curved posture.)
Prevents Muscle Atrophy
(weakening of muscle through lack of use)
Activates Abdominal Muscles
(isometric resistance maximizes muscular force)
Useful Life (in months, per industry study)

The Back-A-Line belt is so unique that its design is patented!

Orthopedically correct Intra-abdominal pressure, non-stretch
Curved to promote correct posture Tapered for waist/hip differential
8" tall, full range of lumbo-sacral spine Resistant to pad shift
Activates back muscles Washable, breathable
Grooved to bridge spine OrthoWick® lining - stay dry
Reduces back fatigue Made in U.S.A.

Ergonomic- The Industrial Hygiene Association's Ergonomist of the year-1994, a consistent critic of industrial back belts, writes: Your concept of a stiffer form-fitted back belt is appealing, and is much more consistent with my own thinking than many of the soft pliable belts."

Chiropractic- International Chiropractic lecturer, Inventor of the "Back Companion" and other health products, Dr. Guy Doran writes: "The stiff, rounded quality of your lumbar pad maintains the proper lordotic alignment to protect the lower spine. Promoting good posture alone should be a major contributor to back pain reduction, but the pressure of your pad against the back muscles seems to provide a further alleviating effect."

Orthopedic ñ A Harvard Medical School study states, conceptually: "A smoothly contoured, firm surface therefore appears to be a desirable feature of an orthosis." It provides a proprioceptive and apparent pain-blocking effect."

Sports Medicine (AOASM)- In receiving the Seal of Acceptance, Back-A-Line was reviewed by several noted physicians. Some of their comments were: "The rigid, firm lumbar support is idealÖìI like a non-stretch belt with a lumbar curve added.î
ìThis belt should not create muscle atrophy from fear of muscle inactivityîÖîThe belt creates better postural alignment, creating balanced muscle activity to activate proper muscle function."
In a later endorsement, the Academy addressed the most controversial issue in back support, muscle atrophyÖ ìWe particularly like Back-A-Line's design when compared with the common elastic belts. The risk of muscle atrophy is caused by elastic belts doing the work that the muscles would normally be recruited to do. In contrast, Back-A-Line, with its non-stretch belt, will stimulate the abdominal muscles by providing resistance for them. Similarly, with its lumbar pad to promote lordosis, the belt should stimulate the erector muscles as well."

The Industrial Athlete- A national network of physicians advising corporations to adopt sports medicine principles for industrial employees, providing them with conditioning, personal protective equipment and effective rehabilitation. To that end, they write: "The Back-A-Line belt helps accomplish these three functionsî. ìAs the #1 category of industrial injury costs, the low back should be given a high priority. Back-A-Line, along with an effective exercise program, helps to significantly reduce that risk"

DAWG - The Spill Control People! ®
Make your workplace cleaner, safer and compliant with Dawg Products & Services!
1-800-929-3949 today to order your catalog or e-mail us at

As a distributor for DAWG, we are proud to present some of the best products on the market today to handle all of your spill control needs. Whether it's the Dawg Absorbents, Dawgie bag disposal services or the entire line of compliance reference materials, DAWG is dedicated to spill control.

CATALOG - 48 page catalog.
Order Today!

Universal Pads & Rolls
5 N 1 Pawsabilities Mat
Camouflage Mat & Barrel Top Pads
Heavy, Middle & Lightweight Pads
Track-On line
Absorbent Socks
Absorbent pillows and Drip Pans
Specialty Absorbents & Spill Barriers
Outdoor Absorbent-Brooms, Pads, Rolls
Oil Only & Hazmat Absorbents
Reusable Absorbents/ Waste Minimization
Spill Kits
Dawgie Bag Disposal Containers
Disposal Service
DawgWalker Dispensing & Collection Cart
Loose Absorbents
BullDawg Parts Cleaner
BullDawg Containment Drum Shell
BullDawg Cleaning Units
BullDawg Parts Cleaner Accessories
Woof Wag Wipers

Shipping Containers-Overpacks
Drum Funnels
Spill Containment Pallets
Drum Rack, Pallet Cover, Pallet Tarps
Spill Containment Work Decks
Drum Rack System & Containment Trays
Mobile Containment, Collection & Storage
Drum Dolly & Bulk Containment Unit
Specialty Spill Containment
Outdoor Spill Containment & Storage
Cylinder Transport & Storage

SQWINCHER - For Peak Performance!

Heat-related injuries are on the rise in industry, many of which result in lost time, temporary disability or worse. Most of these injuries could have been prevented with one simple solution...Sqwincher. Sqwincher's great tasting electrolyte replacement formula not only quenches thirst, but rehydrates, restores and recharges the body to keep you at peak performance.

Sqwincher's electrolyte replacement formula was designed specifically for the high heat stress environment of industry. Sqwincher is absorbed into the body 98% faster than water, allowing the body to replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for rehydration. Plus, it provides 50% more potassium and 50% less sodium than other sports drinks used in industry.
Sqwincher is available in a wide variety of package sizes, flavors and dispensing options. Call us at 1-800-929-3949 or e-mail us at for a list of products and prices.

The Drink of Industry!

Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

A concentrated cleaner and degreaser that solves your toughest cleaning problems. This environmentaly friendly water based product is fortified with natural citrus terpenes to cut grease quickly, and leave a fresh, clean citrus scent. Appearance: Clear yellow liquid. Odor: Citrus. pH: 11.5-12.5. Dilution: 1 part concentrate up to 75 parts water. Please call for current pricing.

This environmentally friendly water-based product is fortified with natural citrus terpenes to cut grease and grime quickly. Will deodorize in one easy step leaving a fresh, clean citrus aroma.

Available in 5 gallon pails, 20, 35, & 55 gallon drums
Product #S4392
Call for current pricing


Founded in 1913, Chicago Protective Apparel is a manufacturer of high quality protective apparel. As a distributor for Chicago Protective Apparel, Biochem Corporation of Florida is proud to present their wide selection of safety apparel. The following lists the catalog sections. For a copy of your FREE catalog, call us at 1-800-929-3949 or e-mail
us at


Aluminized Clothing:
Jackets, Pants, Coveralls, Aprons, Entry Suits, Cooling Vests
Flame Retardant Uniforms: Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Coveralls, Bib Overallls, Cape Sleeves
Aprons: Bib, waist, split leg, kick back, carpenter
Chaps, Leggins, Knee Pads, Sleeves
Nomex Clothing:
Coveralls, Hoods, Undergarments, Switch Pullers
Hood and Head Protection: Hoods, Spark Deflectors
High Heat Hand Protection: Gloves, Mittens, Cover Mitts
Hand Protection: Fingerless Gloves, Anti-Vibration, Hand Pads, Knitted Gloves
Welding Protection: Gloves, Clothing, Blankets, Curtains, Accessories
Cut Resistant Cothing: KevlarÆ, WhizardÆ, Plastic Sleeves
Snakebite, Bee Keepers, Chainsaw, Foot Guards
High Visibility: Vests, Fire Hose Covers, Fire Blanket Wall Bags, Arm Bands
Storage Bags, Anti-C: Respirator Bags, Duffel Bags, Carrying Bags, Anti-C Clothing
Chemical Protection: PVC, Hycar, Neoprene
Work Apparel: TyvekÆ, Lab Coats, Shop Coats, Work Coveralls
Finger Guards
Steel Mesh Cut Protection
Miscellaneous Protection
Fabric Information


Biodegradable and recyclable.
Not tested on animals
Contains no animal ingredients
Derived from replenishable resources
Provide efficacy, value and are environmentally-responsible.

Earth Friendly Industrial Products
Earth Friendly Industrial Products are available in gallon and five gallon sizes. Larger gallon sizes are available upon request. Material Safety Sheets available on request. Please call 1-800-929-3949 or email us at for current pricing.
Earth Friendly Floor Care Products

A zinc-free floor finish that is specially formulated as an environmentally friendly replacement for cross-linked metallic floor finishes. Easy to strip with 291 ñ Omega Stripper.

A biodegradable floor finish stripper that is specially formulated to work quickly and easily. Contains jojoba oil and other mild ingredients. Environmentally friendly. Color: Water white, pH-11.

UNIIDUST - Dust Mop Treatment. Water Based #V449
A new water-based dust mop treatment that does not leave an oil residue on any surface. Pleasantly scented and non-staining, UniïDust is 100% biodegradable, non-flammable, and non-combustible. Color-Green, pH 7

A pleasantly scented odor-counteracting granules absorbent. Absorbs and deodorizes vomit and other odorous liquids so they may be easily swept away. Used in schools, institutions, etc.

Earth Friendly Polishes

An economical to use product that polishes quickly and easily. Leaves a coating that resists smudges, fingerprints and water spots.

A natural olive oil based liquid polish for fine wood and laminated surfaces.

Earth Friendly Drain Product

A highly effective environmentally safe product for ridding pipes, lines, traps, etc. of grease, oil, and sludge. Natural organic citrus base eliminates heat generation. Non-acidic, non-caustic, and non-corrosive. Color-Yellow.

Earth Friendly Toilet Maintenance Products

UNIITABÆ PLUS #V2600 Pink Spice ñ Available in 12, 24, or 144 pack
Single piece design eliminates the need for separate screens and blocks. Provides continuous urinal maintenance for an average of 30 days ñ cleans, deodorizes and disinfects.

A complete toilet maintenance system with acid stable enzymes that are environmentally friendly. Cleans and deodorizes toilet bowls continuously for an average of 30 days. Easy to install and replace one-piece design. Color: pink, pH=1%, sol=3

Earth Friendly General Products

#V426 ñ Available in 1 Gal. or 5 Gal. containers
A coconut oil based, glycerin blend soap with a pleasant lemon scent. An excellent sudsing soap. Dilutable up to 3:1

WINDOW KLEENER #V9300 - Available in 1 Gal. or 5 Gal. containers
Age old vinegar claning action with plant-based surfactants to eliminate streaking. Color: water white, pH: 3

ORANGE PLUS CLEANING TOWELS #V9476 6 containers/40 count each
Waterless cleaning towels for hands and other home or work uses. Tough on dirt, grease, paint, etc. but mild on hands.

UNIIFRESH #V9641 Cinnamon, #V9650- Citrus, #V9653 Lavender- 6 x 40 count/case
A non-aerosol air freshener made from natural oils. Helps freshen yuour personal air space. Can be used at home or work, in kennels or in boats and campers, etc.

DISHMATE #V9700 22oz./dozen or 5 gallon
An ultra concentrated dishwashing liquid liquid, with a natural almond scent. Color: Light yellow, pH-10.

CREAN CLEANSER #V9701 16oz./dozen only
A non-abrasive lemon scented cleaner for bathrooms & kitchens. An excellent alternative to harsh cleaning abrasives. oH:12

ORANGE PLUSÆ #V9702 ñ 22oz/dozen or 5 gallon pail
A concentrated all-purpose orange scented cleaner. Excellent for mild or heavily soiled surfaces. Color: Orange, pH: 9.5

TOILET BOWL CLEANER #V9703 ñ 16 oz./dozen or 5 gallon
A natural cedar scented bowl cleaner, which will cling to surfaces for easy cleaning. Color: Off White, pH: 2.5

EARTH ENZYMES #V9704 ñ 2 lb container/dozen
A natural enzyme based build-up remover and drain maintainer. White powder.

RTU ORANGE PLUS #V9706 22 oz/dozen only.
A ready-to-use version of Orange PlusÆ in a convenient spray bottle. Cleans and degreases all hard surfaces that are not harmed by water. Color: Light orange, pH: 7

STAIN & ODOR REMOVER #V9707 22 oz./dozen only
A natural enzyme based stain & Odor remover for laundry, fabrics, carpets and wood floors. Color: Water White, pH: 7.

WAVE #V9730 64oz./8 or 5 gallon
An automatic machine dishwashing liquid that is enzyme based, phospahte free & chlorine free. Color: light yellow, pH:5

FRUIT & VEGETABLE WASH #V9735 22oz./12
Helps remove pesticides, chemicals, heavt metals, dirt, wax and bacteria from the surface of fruit and vegetables. Color: Beige, pH:10

ECOSÆ #V9750/9760 ñ 50 OZ/8 or 5 gallon
A highly concentrated ultra liquid laundry detergent with built-in soy based fabric softener and cellulose based optical brighteners. Color : Yellow Tinge, pH: 8.25.

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