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DEODORANT GRANULES – Odor Control #V601 USDA Authorized
Absorbs vomit and other odorous spills on contact so they may be easily swept away. Pellets.

A pleasantly scented odor counteracting granules absorbent. Absorbs and deodorizes vomit and other odorous liquids so they may be easily swept away. Used in schools, institutions, etc. Pellets.

OIL ABSORBENT #V541 An all-purpose oil absorbent for use on any type of floor surface. Eliminates spill hazard from oil, grease, fat, acid, and other liquids. Powder.

An aid in floor sweeping. Increases performance by 50%, reducing labor. Powder.


An invisible light spray treatment which helps eliminate static build-up on carpet, upholstery and draperies. Reduces annoying carpet shocks and dust attraction. Non-staining, quick dry formula is safe to use on any carpet fiber blend. Non-flammable when dry.

A water based anti-static that eliminates static on most surfaces including rugs and carpets. 1 pint will treat up to 15 square feet of floor.

STAT-FREE FLOOR FINISH – Static Control Floor Finish #J10-153.
This product can be used as part of a program to control electro-static discharge (ESD). Use up to three coats and maintain with damp mopping. Contains 20% solids with special anti-static ingredients. Meets all U.L. requirements for slip resistance. Coverage: Up to 3500 sq. ft. per gallon. 1 to 2 coats recommended.

PURGE – Static Charge Suppressor for Carpets #J15-150
A clear liquid that can be used to treat carpeting that has a tendency to build up a static charge. Great around computer work stations.


Carpet Care - Odor Treatments

A quick and easy means of eliminating malodors wherever they occur. Features a unique package, which shakes out fine, nearly invisible, crystalline particles that absorb unpleasant odors and release a clean fresh fragrance into the area. Eliminates offensive odors caused by smoke, fire, mildew, garbage, moisture, diapers, cooking, animals and more. Effective even in moist areas. Non-flammable crystals enable use in ashtrays and urns. One container treats up to 5,000 square feet. Deodorizes carpet, upholstery, mattresses, dumpsters, refuse areas and much more.

Carpet Care - Pre-Treat and Spot Removers

A unique inverted spray solvent spotter that removes water and oil based spots and stains from carpet and upholstery. Eliminates the need for rubbing and scrubbing. Leaves no visible residue. Will not harm carpet backing or upholstery foam. Neutralizes odors caused by stains. Excellent pre-spotter prior to carpet extraction. Inverted spray valve provides easy waist high application.

This product is specially designed to remove spots and stains from carpet and upholstery in one easy step. No blotting or agitation is required. Dissolves grease, ink, coffee/tea stains, urine, oil, and water based stains.

A high power solvent spray that removes oil based spots and stains from carpet and upholstery. Dissolves stains caused by grease, oil, paint, make-up and other oil soluble soils. Dries quickly leaving no residue or ring. Safe on most carpet fibers, backing and padding. Non-flammable.

CARPET SPOTTER – Enzymatic Carpet Spot Remover #J15-160
This new, improved formula is designed to quickly break down spots and stains on carpet. Can be used as a pre-spotter or in every day routine maintenance applications. Most effective on organic based stains. Great deodorizer! Dilution: Ready to use.

CPS-35 – Pre-Spray Carpet Cleaner #S4468
A formulated pre-spray product used to loosen the toughest of soil found in any carpet, including stain resistant 5th generation carpet. Dilution Rate: 3 oz. per gallon of water.

A high quality cleaner that prevents over wetting of carpets during cleaning. Breaks down tough oils and greases allowing them to be easily lifted from the carpet. Red with a pleasant fragrance. Dilution: 2 oz. per gallon of water.

A fast-acting heavy duty cleaning and degreasing compound for use on high traffic areas of carpets. Designed to be used with steam extraction equipment. Contains optical brighteners. Dilutable up to 7:1.

Carpet Care – Protector

CARPET PROTECTOR ® Liquid Carpet Protector #S4465
Carpet Protector, fortified with Dupont Teflon®, represents a new advanced technology in carpet protectants. The treated carpet will repel soils and stains resulting in cleaner carpets and prolonged carpet life, including 5th generation carpet. Dilution Rate: Ready to use.

Carpet Care - Shampoo/Cleaners

CLEAN CARPET WITH DIRT CONTROL – Extraction Concentrate #C110
Clean Carpet contains "Dirt Guard" - a powerful dirt-defying formulation that literally resists redeposition-unlike ordinary products that leave a sticky film, actually attracting grimy residue. Carpets will retain their dirt resistance far longer and come sparkling clean with simple vacuuming. Controls allergens in carpet. Dilution: 3-5 oz. per gallon or water.

A hard working foam which deep cleans and dissolves embedded grime and organic matter ground into carpets. Bio-enzymatic action breaks down organic soils and stains and neutralizes odors. Excellent for fabric and upholstery in high traffic areas as it reduces out of service time. Leaves the treated area with a clean, fresh aroma. Inverted spray valve provides easy waist high application.

Formulated for wool, nylons, acrylic and polypropylene fibers. Dries to a brittle residue that is vacuumed away. Clear with pleasant fragrance. Moderate to high foam. Dilution: 2 oz. per gallon of water.

SUPER DRI-FOAM – Liquid Dry-Foam #S4464
This is a revolutionary shampooing compound that has been specially formulated to do more than just clean carpet. This product is a unique combination of synthetic detergents and dry cleaning agents. These ingredients function synergistically to give maximum cleaning power for common soils. Faster removal of greasy soils and reserve cleaning power with optical brighteners to give colored fibers deeper tone and better contrast. Dilution Rate: 10 oz. per gallon of water.

X-TRACTOR – Extraction Carpet Cleaner #S4470
Concentrated extraction cleaner with optical brighteners to be used on all types of carpets, including 5th generation stain resistant carpet. The emulsified soils are easily flushed to the surface of the carpet pile and vacuumed into the extractor tank. Dilution Rate: 1 oz. per gallon of water.


Concrete – Cleaners

ARCTIC CLEAN – Low Temperature Heavy Duty Cleaner #V228
A hard-working, ready to use floor and wall cleaner for use in all sub-freezing, cold storage and freezer areas. Leaves no graying film and immediately starts to dissolve grime and suspended soil. Effective down to 20ºF below zero.

ATTACK – Premium Concrete Cleaner #JP600 Powder Product USDA: A4
This premium quality product is fast-acting and low foaming. It cuts through dirt, oil, grease and other soils. It is perfect for garages, restaurants, bus terminals, service stations and parking lots. Orange powder that turns green on contact with water.

SCRUBBER – Pine Oil & Caustic Combination for Concrete #JP610 Powder Product
This product combines the grease cutting power of pine oil with the cleaning power of caustic. Scrubber will deodorize as it cleans oil and grease. Moderate foaming yellow powder with pine oil aroma.

BLUE STAR – Concrete Cleaner #JP630 Powder Product
This mild concrete cleaner contains sodium hydroxide for deep cleaning action along with a surfactant blend that provides a grease cutting and lifting action. White powder with no aroma.

HDC-303 Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser #AB00808 USDA: A1
This heavy duty, industrial detergent is a solvent free cleaner and degreaser especially suited for concrete. The nonbutyl formula is low to medium sudsing, concentrated, and aluminum safe. Nonflammable.

POWER TREAT – Concrete Cleaner #JP620 Powder Product
This product contains oxygen releasing ingredients that deep cleans into the porous concrete surface and has strong stain fighting capability. High grease dissolving ability. White powder with no aroma.

Concrete – Patch & Repair Kits

CONCRETE PATCH & REPAIR KIT – Latex-type #V814 USDA Authorized
A scientific blend of plastics and special aggregates for strength, durability, and superior bonding. May be used to fill cracks in concrete, repairing old masonry, or for setting marble or slate. 50 lb. Pail.

CONCRETE PATCH & REPAIR KIT – Epoxy-Type #V844 USDA Authorized
An epoxy designed for use on floors subjected to abrasive traffic, impact, or corrosive chemical spill hazard. May be applied on any structurally sound and properly prepared concrete, metal, or ceramic tile surface. 50 lb. Pail.

PATCH-KIT – The Complete Concrete Repair System #J50-350
The Patch-Kit is a simple, All-In-One system for repairing worn, cracked, and damaged concrete surfaces. It is simple to use, durable, and cures quickly. This unique system contains powerful epoxies along with specially selected and tested silicas to produce an aggregate that is stronger than concrete. This kit contains a two-part primer that combines to provide the ultimate adhesion needed for effective repairs. One kit repairs 26 to 35 square feet. Skid and abrasion resistant.

Designed to be used in hard to close or sharply angled areas, this product will provide a good, strong seal due to the addition of a fibrous membrane. 5 gallon pail.

A ready-to-use blend of asphaltic materials that react chemically to combine with existing asphalt substrate. Not available in Illinois. 62 lb. Pail.

Concrete – Sealers

CLEAR CRETE – Solvent Based Concrete Sealer #AB00842
This solvent based clear concrete sealer is and interior/exterior product with 20-21% solids. Ideal for warehouse and factory floors, the methyl acrylate/vinyl resin formula is incredibly durable, requires not etching, and is fast drying. Flash Point 59ºF.

EPO-COTE 70 –Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating For Concrete #CEP0-70
This product provides the highest chemical resistance available from an epoxy coating available on the market today. This clear 2 part system is a 100% solids coating therefore has no VOC. It is designed for application to concrete surfaces where maximum corrosion protection is required. It is ideal for coating hazardous material containment areas and dike walls. Coverage/Gallon: 100 sq. ft. per gallon.

CRETE GUARD – Water-Based Low Odor Acrylic –Urethane #CT-150
A water based urethane-acrylic blend for industrial use where durability and improved chemical resistance is required. Crete Guard cures quickly for minimum downtime, has no harmful odors and dries to a clear, colorless film. Coverage/Gallon: 500-1500 sq. ft. per gallon depending on floor condition.

CLASSIC CONCRETE SEAL – Aqueous polymer concrete seal #S5838
This exciting new polymer product is everything the water based urethanes want to be but at a substantial cost savings. You will find this product easy to apply, very durable, not sensitive to adhesion problems, cost effective and more. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Coverage/Gallon: 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon.

CON-CURE – 18% Solvent-Based Concrete Seal #S5815
A superior curing agent and sealer for concrete. This product is fast drying and offers excellent chemical resistance. Recommended for use by contractors to properly seal and cure new concrete flooring. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Flash Point 120ºF. Coverage/Gallon: 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon.

CON SHEEN – Emulsion Type Concrete Sealer #S5817
Developed as a water emulsion sealer for concrete, terrazzo and magnesite floors. It effectively prevents dusting, staining, spotting and chipping. Dilution Rate: Ready to use.

CONCRETE SEAL – 30% Bakelite Phenolic Coating #S5819
A specially formulated resinous seal that will give excellent adhesion and glossy protection to your concrete floor. A perfect product for sealing concrete floors anywhere; prevents dusting, soiling, and staining. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Flash Point: 80ºF. Coverage/Gallon: 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon.

MIRRO FLEX – 30% Polyurethane Coating #S5825
An extremely durable chemical and solvent resistant polyurethane seal; recommended for use on concrete, terrazzo, and brick floors. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Flash Point: 103 °F. Coverage/Gallon: 450 sq. ft. per gallon.

PAVER GUARD – Solvent Based Acrylic Sealer #CT-175
This product imparts a lustrous sheen, intensifies color and provides water and stain resistance to concrete pavers. Non-tacky and non-yellowing, Paver Guard can be used in hot or cool climates. The resin solution is carried deep within the concrete paver, into its internal pores by the solvents, completely sealing the surface as well as all the internal pores of the concrete paver just below the surface. Coverage: 200-400 sq ft. per gallon.

PENETRATING SEAL – 30% Bakelite Coating #S5918
This product penetrates and seals wood or concrete to provide durable protection for your floor. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Flash Point: 80ºF. Coverage/Gallon: 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon.


Floor Care – Cleaners and Strippers

BRANDEX – All Purpose Neutral Cleaner #BS4441 USDA: A4
Fortified - but gentle. Brandex, with deep cleaning power, thoroughly cleans your floor bringing dirt and grime to the surface. Due to the neutral pH, Brandex cleans without stripping your floor finish. Dilution Rate: 4 oz. per gallon of water.

ARCTIC CLEAN – Low Temperature Heavy Duty Cleaner #V228
A hard-working, ready to use floor and wall cleaner for use in all sub-freezing, cold storage and freezer areas. Leaves no graying film and immediately starts to dissolve grime and suspended soil. Effective down to 20ºF below zero.

CITRA STRIP – Baseboard Cleaner and Wax Stripper - Aerosol #CPT478
The finishing touch to all floor care programs. Quickly removes soil, wax and most copolymer finishes that build-up on baseboards, in corners or in other hard to reach areas. Will not harm painted surfaces. Fortified with citrus terpene to boost cleaning ability and help mask necessary caustic additives. Inverted spray valve enables easy application from waist height.

SPRINT III – Baseboard and Corner Wax Stripper - Aerosol #S2420
Clings to cover moldings and baseboards to remove the toughest build-ups of dirt, grime and old wax.

MSS – Wax Stripper #S4751
This product is an extremely concentrated wax and finish remover designed to remove the toughest finishes. It allows you to strip your floors in one third the time of ordinary strippers. No machine scrubbing necessary, no unpleasant odors. Dilution Rate: 1 to 10 parts water. Flash Point: 150ºF

OLYMPUS – Concentrated Non-Ammoniated Stripper #J10-300
This highly concentrated stripper saves labor and time by quickly removing old, worn finishes. Contains cleaners, water softeners, superior wetting agents, glycols, propyl solvents and releasing agents. Dilution: 4 ounces per gallon of warm water.

SPRINT – Floor Finish Stripper #S4746
Removes multiple layers of finish without the use of scrubbing machines by quickly emulsifying the finish. This product also has a pleasant fragrance and is effective in both hot and cold water. Dilution Rate: For general use 16 oz. per gallon of water.

SPRINT II – Floor Finish Remover #S4762
This rinseless wax and finish remover may be used without the aid of a floor-scrubbing machine. Its dual stripping action is released immediately by fast acting penetrants. When used according to label directions, the stripping solution may be picked up with a mop or wet vac without further rinsing. Dilution Rate: For general use 16 oz. per gallon of water.

HERCULES – Concentrated Ammoniated Stripper #J10-300
Ammoniated stripper designed for rapid emulsification of built-up waxes. Suitable for both mop and machine stripping. Red color. For rapid emulsification of worn finishes. Dilution: 4 oz. per gallon of warm water.

WAX STRIPPER – Non–Ammoniated Stripper #S4738
An effective non-ammoniated stripper for removing accumulated finishes. For use on all types of floors not harmed by water. Dilution Rate: For general use 12 oz. per gallon of water.

HYDRO STRIP – No Rinse Stripper #J10-350
A premium no-rinse stripper designed to remove layers of cross-linked acrylic polymer floor finishes. May be used with a floor scrubber or without. Clear with water softeners, amines, glycol solvents and wetting agents. Dilution: 4 oz. per gallon of warm water.

NO ODOR STRIPPER – Odorless Stripper #J10-301
Originally designed for hospital and nursing homes, but has become a widely used product. Works quickly and effectively without the irritating odor that is offensive to most people. Dilution: 4-6 oz. per gallon of warm water.

SPIN BONNET CLEANER – Bonnet Type Cleaner #J15-170
This product is the catalyst for bonnet applications. It works into the carpet, breaks down dirt, and then holds it in suspension until the bonnet scrubber can lift it out. Dilution: 2 oz. per gallon of water.

QD BONNET CLEANER – Solvent Bonnet Cleaner #S5419
This fast drying bonnet cleaning solution will dissolve dirt on contact, absorb the residue into the bonnet and leave your carpet bright, fresh, and clean. In addition, QD Bonnet Cleaner has been fortified with optical brighteners, which make your carpet appear rich and vibrant. Flash Point: 101ºF. Dilution Rate: 4 oz. per gallon of water.

This product is a water based silicone emulsion designed to reduce foam build-up in wet vacuum recovery tanks and in all equipment that generates unwanted foam.. The ultra-fine silicone particles rapidly eliminate existing suds and prevent any additional foaming. Use of this product allows uninterrupted work and reduces costly equipment repairs. This product will work equally well in both hot and cold water. Dilution Rate: 0.5 oz for every 10 gallons.

X-TRACTOR – Extraction Carpet Cleaner #S4470
Concentrated extraction cleaner with optical brighteners to be used on all types of carpets, including 5th generation stain resistant carpet. The emulsified soils are easily flushed to the surface of the carpet pile and vacuumed into the extractor tank.

Floor Care – Dust Mop Treatments

An economical and environmentally sound dusting aid. Unique quick penetrating foam indicates where magnetic dust attractant has been applied and allows for immediate use. Self-indicating dissipating foam action shows when mop is saturated and must be washed to continue effective use. Leaves the area where used with a fresh citrus aroma.

A pleasantly scented spray that acts like a magnet to attract dust and lint to mops and cloths. Prevents scattering and helps mops, cloths and mitts hold more dust. Converts dust into heavy lint. Saturated mops can be shaken out or machine-washed for easy cleaning and quick reuse. Helps brighten and protect surfaces as you dust.

MAGNETIC MIST – Dust Mop Treatment #S5413
Highly concentrated emulsifiable dust mop treatment that scavenges and holds dust like a magnet. When diluted with water, this product will not damage floor finishes. Dilution Rate: 32 oz. per gallon of water. Flash Point: 225ºF.

MOP MIZER – Dust Mop Treatment #S5411
Mop Mizer is excellent for dusting both finished and unfinished wood, concrete and sealed composition floors. Use on furniture, venetian blinds, radiators, window frames, woodwork and other surfaces where dust gathers. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Flash Point: >200ºF.

Floor - Finishes

DAZZLE – 20% Floor Finish #S5526
Our most popular metal interlock floor finish that is recommended for use on all resilient floors. This product is fast drying, heel mark resistant, longwearing, and responds well to high speed buffing. Dilution Rate: Ready to use.

ELEGANTE – 18% Floor Finish #S5528
A high performance 18% acrylic floor finish that produces a high gloss film with maximum scuff and heel mark resistance. Recommended for use on all composition and terrazzo floors. Dilution: Ready to use.

FLOOR ESSENCE – 20% Floor Finish #S5598
A premier metal interlocked floor finish uniquely formulated to resist black heel marking, soil retention, and scuffing under the heaviest traffic. Recommended for use on all resilient floors. Contains no wax and is a non-yellowing and non-powdering formula. Dilution: Ready to use.

GLISTEN – 12% Floor Finish #S5500
An economical synthetic floor polish recommended for use on asphalt, rubber, vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo and all finished floors where a protective slip retardant coating with a high gloss is desired. Dilution Rate: Ready to use.

INTERPOL – 16% Floor Finish #S5504
A metal-interlocked polymer finish designed to retain its glossy film under even the most severe traffic and maintenance conditions. The high gloss, colorless film of this product is very durable, resists scuffing and black heel marking more and retains its gloss under scrubbing longer than any conventional polish yet tested.

MAXIMA – High Speed Buffable Floor Finish #S5569
This quick drying floor finish leaves a glass-like shine even without buffing. Recommended for use on all composition, terrazzo, and linoleum floors. Ready to use.

ITS SHOWTIME – High Speed Floor Finish #S5570
This product represents the latest technology in high speed burnishing floor finishes. This formulation was developed in our research and development laboratory to provide a wet-look gloss, even under high speed buffing practices. Due to its high polymeric concentration, it provides durability superior to the conventional ultra high speed burnishing finishes. These properties coupled with the convenience of simple application methods result in a product that saves both time and money. Dilution: Ready to use.

THERMO SHINE – 25% Floor Finish #S5556
A high quality floor finish recommended for use on all composition, terrazzo and linoleum floors. Specially designed as a softer finish for high and ultra high speed buffing. Dilution Rate: Ready to use.

VIVID – 25% Floor Finish #S5516
A high quality, metal cross-linked polymer fortified for long lasting durability. Resists scuffing, marking, powdering and soiling in heavy traffic areas. Recommended for use on all resilient floors, rubber, asphalt tile, vinyl, linoleum, and all types composition tile. Produces the high gloss known as the "wet look". Can be used with high speed buffing. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Coverage/Gallon: 1800-2200 sq. ft. per gallon.

SOUTHERN LIGHTS – Terrazzo Floor Finish #J10-152
Protective coating for high porosity floor substrates like terrazzo. Produces a smooth, even, coating and has excellent holdout over the cement matrix without hazing on marble or granite chips. Coverage: Up to 3500 sq. ft. per gallon. 3 coats recommended.

Floor Care - Maintainers

INSTANT RECALL – Floor Finish Restorer #S5533
A product representing the latest technology designed to revive & restore gloss. Dilution Rate: Ready to use/or water reducible.

SPRAY MISTER 1000 – Spray Buff #5512
A pleasantly scented spray buff for use where buffing is required to clean and revive gloss. Spray buffing reduces the necessity of frequent mopping, stripping and refinishing. It will not yellow or stain any floor and can be used for both misting and mop on applications. Dilution Rate: Ready to use or equal parts of water.

Floor Care - Sealers

PERMA SEAL – 16% Floor Seal
A glossy, tough, sealer for protecting and renovating asphalt, rubber, and linoleum floors. It penetrates into every pore effectively sealing and protecting the floor from dirt, grime, stains, and harsh cleaning agents. Dilution Rate: Ready to use.

Floor Care - Wax

PASTE WAX – Solvent Wax #S6122
A solvent based wax that spreads easily and gives a water resistant durable, glossy finish.


A non-flammable, ozone safe, instant freeze spray that embrittles chewing gum and wax for easy removal from carpet and hard flooring. Will not discolor carpet fibers, harm carpet backing or soften tile. Also excellent under tables and chairs. Ozone safe. Includes extension tubes.

CHEWING GUM REMOVER AEROSOL – Freezing-Type Gum & Wax Remover #S2700
A unique, freezing-type formula that allows chewing gum and candle wax to be easily chipped off carpet, upholstery, wood, vinyl, paint, cloth and plastic.


Gym and Wood Floor Cleaners

ALL STAR – Waterless Floor Cleaner and Prep #AR-897
This waterless floor cleaner is specially formulated to prep woodwork prior to finishing. Excellent also for cleaning up gym finish tools, it will not swell or discolor woodwork and is fast drying (20 min.). Flash Point: 107ºF.

GYM-SHEEN – Waterless Floor Cleaner #AR-814
This waterless floor cleaner is an excellent gym floor cleaner and dust mop treatment. The fast dry, no slip formula removes dust, dirt, debris, and other deposits. Great for game use! Flash Point: None.

Gym and Wood Floor Finishes and Sealers

DIAMOND FLEX 40% Polyurethane coating #S5914
Diamond Flex is an oil modified polyurethane wood and gym seal. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Flash Point: 108ºF. Coverage/Gallon: 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon.

GYM FINISH – 40% Bakelite Phenolic Coating #S5916
This product gives a durable protective finish that gives a deep gloss to your gymnasium or wood floors. Abrasions, rubber burns, alcohols, caustics and acids will not penetrate the smooth, yet hard finish, which makes cleaning easier and faster. Dilution Rate: Ready to use. Flash Point: 80ºF. Coverage/Gallon: 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon.

This 40% solids urethane formula is one of the lightest, clearest, formulas available. Extremely durable, the crystal clear formula makes any gym/wood floor look fabulous. Flash point: 111ºF.

IMPERIAL GYM SEALER – Urethane Sealer #AR-891
This 18% solids urethane sealer is the ideal initial coat for most wood and gym applications. Deep penetration, durability, and clarity make this product a perfect companion to AR-890. Flash Point: 111ºF.

This high quality solvent wax is made for wood floors. Made with hard waxes and fast drying solvents this product is applied to clean floors, allowed to dry and then buffed to a shine. It is also good as a furniture cleaner and polish.

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