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ENHANCE® Plant micro-nutrient #S6445
A trace element supplement containing the essential micro-nutrients of iron, zinc, manganese, copper and sulfur. This material will not cause any type of burning typical of other products. Dilution Rate: 5 oz. per gallon of water

EXCEL® Fertilizer 16-4-4 #S6447
This blend of primary nutrients is a highly sophisticated complete liquid fertilizer formulated to grow superior turf grasses. It contains the primary nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorous and potash that are compounded from the highest quality materials available. EPA Regulated. Dilution Rate: 1 gallon per 100 gallons of water.


This highly concentrated, liquid growth retardant is absorbed into the green grass blades and translocated by the plant fluids to the active growth areas of the plant where cell division is retarded. It also prevents seed head formation and slows down leaf growth. If an area is not mowed after the growth retardant is applied, the turf will slowly grow 6 to 12 inches in height by the end of the growing season as the effect of the retardant gradually wears off. This product reduces the need for mowing of hazardous areas where a seasonal growth of 6 to 12 inches can be tolerated. EPA Regulated. Water Dilutable.


Herbicides Non-Selective

AQUA-CLEAR® Non-Selective Aquatic Herbicide/Diquat Dibromide #S6661
A non-selective aquatic herbicide used to control floating and submerged weeds. When used as directed this product will kill most all forms of plant growth without damage to the soil. Absorption and herbicide action is usually quite rapid with effects visible in a few days. This product is inactivated on contact with the soil. EPA Regulated. Dilution: Water Dilutable

CLEAN-UP® Non-Selective Herbicide/Diquat Dibromide
This water dilutable non-selective herbicide is a chemical contact killer that kills most forms of green plants. It can be used to remove unwanted weeds and grasses growing in ornamental beds among evergreens, hedges shrubs and around trees, fences and buildings without injury to desirable woody plants or to the soil. This product becomes inactive on contact with the soil and therefore does not sterilize the soil. EPA Regulated. Water Dilutable

FINALE® WEED KILLER - Non-Selective #S6680
New generation non-selective weed control. New level in weed control proficiency for golf course, superintendents, landscape managers, nurserymen, lawn care operators and grounds maintenance professionals. Fast weed control as little as 1-4 days. Finale is not active in soil. There is no residual effect on transplants, and no root uptake. This makes Finale the herbicide of choice for weed control around flower beds, shrubs, trees and other valuable ornamentals.

GLYPHO KILL RTU® Multi-Purpose, Nonselective Weed and Grass Killer #AR-575
This nonflammable product is the ideal multipurpose, nonselective weed and grass killer when safety and flexibility are a concern.. Capable of being applied any time of year, the waterbased, read-to-use product contains 0.96% glyphosate. Absorbed systemically through the leaves and stems, this formula translocates throughout the plant for complete kill and burndown without sterilizing the soil. Effective against over 110 tough annual and perennial grasses, this versatile formula inactivates quickly and replanting can occur as early as seven days. Coverage is 1000 square feet for 1-2 gallons.

This concentrate companion to the R-575 GLYPHO KILL RTU IS AN 18% GLYPHOSATE FORMULA. The nonselective, waterbased formula dilutes 2-3 ounces per gallon of water. One gallon of diluted product covers about 1000 square feet. Maximum freight savings and economy are achieved with this product.

KNOCK-OUT® Non-Selective Weed Killer/2,4-D & Bromacil #S6669
Our most popular semi-soil sterilant. This product is highly effective at producing a quick knock down and kill of unwanted vegetation. Its long lasting effects prevent the return of the weeds for one full growing season. Great for use along fence lines and around buildings. EPA Regulated. Coverage: 2-5 gallons per 1000 square feet.

LIQUID VIII® CONCENTRATE Non-Selective Water Soluble Weed Killer / Water-Based Bromacil Salt #S6679
This product is a liquid non-selective general herbicide which is designed to be used where control of all vegetation is desired. It produces rapid kill of all succulent vegetation. Translocation and root absorption produce extensive root kill of weeds and provides long term control. This Bromacil semi-soil sterilant is a water dilutable concentrate is a semi-soil sterilant. EPA Regulated. Water soluble. Dilution: 10 to 1.

L.V.K. 10-1® Non-Selective Weed Killer/Prometon #S6689
This unique concentrated non-selective herbicide is intended for use after dilution with water or a petroleum solvent. This Promoton semi-soil sterilant will provide total weed control where no plant growth is desired for up to one year.

Misty® WEED TROL® Water-Based Nonselective Contact Herbicide #LAMR-R586
Water based, nonselective, contact herbicide is for land use to provide top kill of green vegetation. Can also be used as an aquatic herbicide without harm to fish and wildlife. 4 gallons per case.

A pentachlorophenol and 2, 4-D free formulation for the control of most weeds and grasses for extended periods.

WEEDZOUT® Water-Based Non-Selective Herbicide/Water Based Bromacil Salt #S6681
This concentrate is an effective general herbicide for use on non-cropland areas. In addition, Weedzout can be used for the control of brush and many annual and perennial weeds. Effects are slow to appear and may not become apparent until this product has been carried into the root zone of the weeds by moisture. EPA Regulated. Dilution: 10 to 1.

Herbicides - Selective

DISAPPEAR® Selective broadleaf herbicide/Water-based 2, 4-D #S6667
This water dilutable, selective broadleaf herbicide is designed to give complete kill of undesirable weeds without harming sensitive grasses such as St. Augustine, bentgrass and buffalo grass. This product contains a synergistic hormone blend of chemicals which are absorbed into the leaf and translocated to all other parts of the plant including the stems and roots producing a thorough and lasting kill. EPA Regulated. Water Dilutable.

Herbicides - Sterilent

SOLVENT KILL KWIK® Bromacil Weed Killer #J50-220
Not just a weed killer. A soil sterilent! Ready-to-use, Non-Selective. Kills through root absorption and contact. Contains 0.98% Bromacil and .69% 2,4 D equivalent. Dilution: 2-5 gallons per 1000 square feet.


ROOT AWAY® Root Remover #JP740
Root Away is a powerful municipal root destroyer. Just add to sewer lines at regular intervals to remove pesky roots. This blue powder has no objectionable odors and can be used in sewers, storm drains, pumps and force mains.


WETTER WATER® Nonionic Surfactant #S6459
This product is designed to lower the surface tension of water, thereby allowing more uniform distribution and deeper penetration of moisture to the roots. Excellent for dust control on the job site. Dilution: 5 pints per 100 gallons of water.

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