NU CAR SCENT – Automotive Air Freshener #J80-090
A refreshing air freshener for clean–up and detail shops. Just spray on carpet and let “NU CAR” do the rest. Great for musty, mildew odors. Can be applied to AC return vent for continued, long lasting aroma. Dilution: Ready to use.


CONCRETE CLEANER – Alkaline Cleaner #S4869
This product is a 100% active blend of powdered cleaning agents that will quickly and easily remove dirt, grease, and oil stains from all concrete surfaces. To clean floors simply wet the surface, sprinkle the powder and allow to stand a few minutes. Then, brush with a broom or deck brush and rinse.

ENAMEL REDUCER – Synthetic Formulation #J80-237
This product is a premium, synthetic enamel reducer for use in body shops, and other painting applications. Dilution: Ready to use.

LACQUER THINNER – Premium Grade Thinner #J80-236
A premium grade lacquer thinner that is formulated for thinning lacquers in furniture plants, body shops or any other painting application. Dilution: Ready to use.

SLAM DUNK – Oil Splitting Degreaser #J80-240
This cleaner/degreaser is formulated for customers that must separate the oil from water in their rinse water. This product will emulsify oil and grease then later release it for easy separating and skimming. Dilution: 1 part to 10 parts water.


Cleaners/Protectors – Aluminum

ALUMINUM BRIGHTENER – Acid Type Aluminum Cleaner #J40-430 USDA: A3
A highly concentrated acid type cleaner for trailers or most aluminum surfaces. Also effective at removing oxidation from wheel wells. Dilution: Up to 60 to 1 with water.

Cleaners/Protectors – Battery

PRO-AMP – Battery Terminal Cleaner & Protector – Aerosol #CPT-890
A neutralizing cleaner with an acid-alkali indicator. Removes corrosive build-up on battery terminal posts, cables and clamps. Helps increase power output and extend battery life. Leaves a short-term residual protective film on cleaned surfaces. Can be wiped or flushed off with water.

BATTERY CLEANER AND PROTECTOR – “4-N-1” Detects Acid – Aerosol #A710-16
This “4-n-1” product cleans, detects acid, neutralizes acid, and protects against corrosion. As a cleaner, the product’s foaming action penetrates and emulsifies dirt and grease. As a detector/neutralizer, the foamy light red formula turns blue in the presence of acid and back to red when neutral. Excellent for all batteries and battery powered machinery such as golf carts, sweepers, etc.

A special non-tacky, flexible coating that provides long term corrosion protection for battery terminal posts, housings, cables ends and supports. Curtails leakage and extends battery life. Prevents superior acid –alkali resistance. Protects batteries in storage or in use.

Cleaners/Protectors – Brake Parts Cleaners

A flush action, quick drying solvent that quickly removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake shoes, calipers, drums and components. Helps stop disc brake squeal and lengthen brake life. Dries residue free.

A non-flammable, flush action solvent that quickly removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake shoes, calipers, drums and components. Helps stop disc brake squeal and lengthen brake life. Dries residue free.

Cleaners/Protectors - Carburetor and Parts

CARBUSOL – Carburetor and Parts Cleaner #S4001
A carefully combined solvent system of low volatility that quickly penetrates grease, grime, paint, carbon and combustion by-products encountered during engine tear down and overhaul. Available in a 5-gallon dip-kit form, containing an immersible parts basket. Dilution Rate: Ready to use

SUPER CHARGE – Choke and Carburetor Cleaner - Aerosol
An ultra high volatility formula that cleans, degreases and removes gum, sludge and varnish deposits from carburetors and automatic chokes without harming oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. Helps reduce fuel consumption and improve acceleration. Great for manifold heat control valves and PCV valves.

OVERDRIVE – Carburetor Cleaner #J80-220
A highly concentrated cleaner that removes soot, carbon, oil, grease and soil from carburetors. Deep brown liquid with solvent odor. Corrosive. Dilution: Ready to use.

Cleaners/Protectors – Engine Degreasers

BIG D – Engine Degreaser #J80-160
A fast acting degreaser designed to remove oil and grease build up from vehicle engines. It is dark green in color and produces a high foam that emulsifies then lifts grease from the engine surface. Dilution: 2 to 4 ounces per gallon of water.

D-SOLV – Engine Degreaser #JP450 – Powder Product
A concentrated degreaser for use on diesel truck engines. High foaming product with strong alkali action for deep cleaning and soil removal. White powder with no aroma. Dilution: 2 oz. per 1 gallon water.

MOTORSOL – Solvent Cleaner #S4017
Engine and motor degreaser and cleaner. Quickly and effectively removes grease, oil, tar, gum and road dirt from all types chassis and motors. Also removes Cosmoline from new vehicles prior to delivery. Dilution Rate: 1-4 pts. Kerosene.

Cleaners/Protectors – Glass and Windshield

A 100% natural glass cleaner formulated to eliminate road film, smoke residue, and vinyl fog from glass or plastic without smearing. Contains no alcohol or ammonia

This all-weather solvent cleans and polishes your windshield quickly and easily. It leaves no streaks or road film on windshield. Can be diluted with water for below freezing temperatures.

NO-STREAK – Window Washer Solvent #J80-170
A ready-to-use window washer solvent for vehicles at -65°F freezing point. May be diluted to higher temperatures for better economics. Blue liquid with alcohol based wetting agents for non-streaking formulation. Dilutions: As needed.

Removes ice and frost quickly. Safe to us on automobile windshields.


A high-pressure spray that quickly dissolves ice, frost and snow from windows and windshields. Thaws frozen locks. Helps prevent freezing when used in advance. Eliminates scraping and possible damage to glass.

This ice and snow remover and preventative is a ready-to-use product without acid, alkalis, or salts to harm grass or concrete. It easily melts ice by azeotropic action without generating heat. Pretreated surfaces do not allow snow and ice to bond so they are easily swept away. A true labor saver.


A pH balanced, concentrated upholstery and carpet cleaner using natural citrus oils and mild cleaners to safely clean a variety of automotive interior surfaces. Can be used on rubber, vinyl, leather, carpet, velour, cloth headliners, cloth seats, and sheepskin covers. Dilutable up to 4:1 with water.

This is a neutral all purpose cleaner that cleans and treats leather surfaces.

OPTIXX – Vinyl Cleaner and Protector #J80-234
Outstanding resistance to water and detergents makes this the best product to protect vinyl surfaces “Inside and Out”. Even badly weathered tops are brought back to their original luster. Milky white in color with pleasant aroma. Read to use.

A luxurious lanolin based moisturizing cream formulated to beautify, preserve and protect all smooth leathers except suede. Absorbs quickly to a non-oily finish. Contains no petroleum solvents and is pH-balanced. Helps protect against premature aging from UV exposure and surface abrasion.

DEFENSIVE GUARD – Beautifier and Protector – Aerosol #CPT-260
A light foam cleaner and surface protectant. Restores, enhances, protects and preserves vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber. Contains special UV blocker additives that protect surfaces from sun damage, fading, drying and cracking. Leaves a high luster gloss finish.

VINYL TREAT – Water Based #C103
Restores luster on plastic and vinyl surfaces. It is water based and non-oily.

VINYL BRITE – Vinyl Protector #J80-200
This polymeric blend forms a protective coating on all vinyl surfaces. Vinyl Brite will protect vinyl tops, chairs, and many other items from sun, rain, wear and tear. Dilution: Ready to use.

NEW LIFE – Protectant #S7501 USDA: C1
New Life will protect your vinyl, plastic and rubber from fading, cracking and hardening. The deep penetrating action protects against damage caused by ultra-violet rays and other harsh environmental conditions.

A delicate water based lotion formulated to beautify, protect and condition any vinyl or rubber surface without leaving a greasy film.


Designed for use in motor homes, boats and chemical toilets to reduce solids and control odors. The specialized bacteria rapidly digest solids resulting in effective odor control. Holding tanks that are treated with this product can be pumped at any waste pumping station without adding harmful chemicals to the system.


GASKET and DECAL REMOVER – Aerosol or 5-gallon pail #CPT-765
A fast acting solvent that softens adhesives for easy removal of gaskets and decals. Eliminates need for scrapping, grinding, sandblasting or filing. Gel clings to vertical surfaces. Aids the removal of cork, composite, graphite, felt and metal gaskets. Super powerful blister action saves time on any gasket repair job.

GRAFFITI ERAZER – Removes Graffiti From Polycarbonate and Acrylic Plastics #C101
Removes graffiti from Lexan®, Plexiglas®, Tuffak®, Acrylite® and all types of polycarbonate and acrylic plastics. Will not craze, etch, or cloud plastic surfaces. This product is non-abrasive, non-flammable and contains no hazardous solvents. It is formulated to remove most paints, permanent markers, shoe polish, grease and tar. It is easy to use and water rinsable. Simply wipe on and wipe off.

MACH II – Diphase Carbon Remover #S4011
Mach II is highly effective in cleaning carbon, grease, sludge, paint, gasket materials and combustion waste from metal surfaces of automotive, marine and industrial equipment. By incorporating a floating chemical seal over the cleaning solution, a diphase cleaner is formed that offers several advantages over the conventional nomophase products. Dilution Rate: Ready to use.

MOTOR WORKS – Engine Degreaser and Tar Remover - Aerosol
A citrus-based gel that clings to surfaces as it breaks down grease and grime for removal by wiping or water flush. Contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents. Safe on rubber and painted surfaces. Breaks down and emulsifies tar for quick and easy removal.

PREP SOL – Tar and Asphalt Remover #J80-180
This product was designed for use in removing tar, asphalt and cosmoline from equipment. Begins to work immediately breaking down tar, and then can be washed away easily with water Dilution: Ready to Use.


A unique combination of silicone and oil, which lubricates, protects and leaves surfaces coated with a never dry residual film. Forms a thin flexible film that seals out moisture and corrosion. Restores body, moisture and life to dried out rubber surfaces. Lengthens the life of weather stripping and rubber automotive seals. Excellent as a tire sidewall dressing. Stops annoying squeaks and binding of automotive hinges and window tracking.

A super durable, flexible, rubberized coating which protects auto under bodies against corrosion caused by water, road grime and salt. Reduces unwanted noise and vibration. Stays pliable in heat or cold. Resists cracking, peeling and abrasion. Sprays as a tough black sealant that goes on thick and sets up fast. Paintable when dry.

MOISTURE DISPLACER – Aerosol or 5 gallon pail #CPT-216
A non-flammable penetrating spray that creeps under and displaces moisture in wet electrical systems. Cleans away corrosion to help restore correct current flow. Provides a waterproof film that protects parts and prevents moisture induced short circuits. Safe to spray on running electrical equipment. Hundreds of automotive uses.

SUPER SIL RTV – Gasket Maker, Sealant and Adhesive can be used on metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, rubber, and most paint and plastics. As an instant gasket maker, this product replaces a wide range of cork, paper, asbestos, felt and metal gaskets. This product has excellent adhesive characteristics, high chemical resistance and will not sag or shrink. Withstands intermittent temperatures up to 600°F and pressures up to 350 psi. Virtually unaffected by chemical deterioration, extreme weather, temperature or aging. Safe on oxygen sensors and meets GM and many OEM specifications.

WHITE LUBE – White Lithium Grease – Aerosol #CPT-990
An all-weather, heavy duty, multi-purpose penetrating grease. Sprays as a liquid, creeps to lubrication point like an oil, then cures to a thick, water resistant grease. Provides non-staining lubrication that guards surfaces against rust and corrosion. Heat stable to 350°F. Excellent for many industrial and automotive uses. Includes extension tubes.


WHITE-LINE – Sidewall Cleaner #J80-140
A highly concentrated product that produces a green foam on tires that breaks down dirt and grime on the tires surface. Just apply, let stand for a minute, scrub with a brush and dirt is easily washed away. Automatic Systems Only. Dilution: As needed.

TIRE SHINE – Tire Dressing #J80-235
The detailer’s answer to renewing old tires. Just spray undiluted. Instant gloss and long-term durability. Orange liquid that is non-flammable. Dilution: Ready to use.

WET TIRE – Water Based and Non-flammable #C102
This product is formulated with unique water based emulsion technology that eliminates hazardous solvent carriers, yet still provides a remarkable gloss. WET TIRE can be applied to a still wet tire saving time and trouble. It also eliminates handling and storing of hazardous solvents as well as potential pollution problems. Spray on. No wiping required. Contains no solvents, No VOCs, is non-flammable and non-combustible.

WSC 100 – White Sidewall Cleaner #JP470 – Powder Product
Formulated especially for the clean-up shop. This concentrated product will instantly remove road film and rubber build-up on tires for a clean white sidewall. High foaming powder with no aroma added. Dilution 4-6 oz. per gallon water

Gets the white sidewalls of tires clean without damage to the rubber. A fast working and economical product.

WIPE OUT – White Sidewall Cleaner #J80-150
Makes those dirty white wall tires look showroom new. Concentrated formula that removes road film, dirt and grease from white sidewall tires. For manual operations such as detail shops. Spray or wipe on, wipe or rinse off. Dilution: 1 part with 5 parts water.

OXY – Wire Spoke Cleaner #J80-190
An acid based product that cleans oxidation and road film from wheels. For heavy duty cleaning just apply, agitate with a brush then rinse off. Clear liquid. Contains butyl and wetting agents. Dilution: 1 to 10 with water


Washes - Auto Wash

A coconut auto bath formulated to safely remove dirt and road grime without surface abrasion. Bodywork Shampoo will not remove existing wax and resists water spotting. It contains moisturizing oil, and does not contain any phosphates, sodium, or harsh solvents, pH-balanced.

Manufactured from special synthetic detergents and wetting agents to quickly and easily remove dirt, dust, grime and road film from automotive finishes. Dilution Rate: 3 oz. per gallon of water.

HIGH FOAMING DETERGENT – High Foaming Car Wash #J80-100
Our most popular car wash detergent that is high foaming and pH Neutral. Can be used in either automatic car wash systems or manual hand wash operation. Clear with a citrus fragrance. VISCOUS. Dilutions: 1 to 20 with water.

HIGH FOAM 50 - Economical Car Wash #J80-122
An economical solution to your car wash needs. Effective in either the automatic car wash systems or can be applied by hand. An outstanding detergent for the price.

MOUNTAIN PINE – Car Wash Detergent #J80-110
Formulated to perform like the high foaming detergent but with a scent of fresh pine added. This product produces high foam that cleans dirt and grime from the vehicles surface, while leaving a fresh pine scent.

VISION – Car Wash Powder #JP410 – Powder Product
This high foaming, hand washing liquid removes road film from the automobiles exterior. Mild enough so as not to harm the car’s coating but concentrated enough to totally clean the vehicle. White powder with no fragrance. Dilution: 1 cup per 5 gallons water.

RINSE-OFF – Car Wash Rinsing Agent #J80-132
This product is formulated using synthetic detergents, petroleum napthas and alcohols to eliminate water spotting on the vehicles surface. For use in automatic systems. Dilution: As needed.

SUDZY – Car Wash Concentrate #S4021
This high foaming concentrated car wash detergent cleans exceptionally well and is free rinsing. This product has proven acceptable for us in automatic car wash operations as well as hand wash operations. Dilution Rate: Hand Washing 1oz./gal.

A 100% natural citrus-based pre-wax cleaner formulated to safely and completely clean and revitalize exterior paint, chrome, glass, and Plexiglas.

Truck/Fleet Wash

FLEETWASH – Concentrated Truck Wash #J80-125
A concentrated cleaner that produces high foam and removes road film from the vehicles surface. Formulated to be mild and not harm the finish but tough enough to remove most vehicle dirt. Green, non-butyl, non-caustic. Dilution: 1 to 5 with water.

FLEETWASH II – A Superior Auto & Truck Wash #JP420 – Powder Product
A superior wash compound for cars, trucks and busses. May be used for pressures spraying, manual washing and in automatic systems. This value product reduces spotting and rinses easily. High quality green powder with no aroma. Dilution: 2-4 oz. per 5 gallons water.

ONE-STEP VEHICLE WASH – Touchless Frictionless #J80-241
An excellent choice for a vehicle pre-soak for removal of road film in touchless/frictionless car and truck washing application. Colorless and odorless with high performance properties. 6 x 1 gallon case, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums. Dilution: 1 part to 80 parts water.

PINNACLE – Fleetwash Type Cleaner #JP400 – Powder Product
This product is a mild cleaner that will not risk harming a vehicle’s finish. Pinnacle contains rapidly biodegradable surfactants that offer fast wetting action. A rinse additive has been added to reduce spotting. This product is white in color with no aroma. Dilution: 1 cup per 5 gallons water.

SPECIAL AUTO, BUS & TRUCK WASH – Alkaline Based #V701
Designed to provide exceptional service whether used in high-pressure washer units, or by hand. Dilutable up to 128:1.

Designed for automatic car washes. Removes all soils and leaves glass surfaces clear and streak-free. Dilutable up to 40:1

PANEL BRITE – Powerful Truck Trailer Wash #J80-129
A strong caustic based cleaner and brightener for aluminum truck trailers. Cleans road film and oxidation from a number of aluminum surfaces including wheel wells. Dilution: 1 part to 10 parts water.

RIG WASH – Truck and Vehicle Wash #J80-126 USDA: A1
A high quality vehicle wash that will deliver outstanding cleaning results on cars, trucks and even aircraft. Contains no solvents and is formulated to clean without harming the finish. Blue liquid - High Foaming! Dilution: 1 to 10 with water.

BLUE – Rig Wash Type Cleaner #JP425 – Powder Product
Contains water softeners, anti-redeposition agents, grease cutters, rinsing agents and road film removers. This high value product provides high, synergistic foam for the safe, efficient removal of debris. Dilution: 2-4 oz. per 5 gallons water.

Liquid concentrate cleaner that removes exhaust burns, stains, heavy soil, grease and oil from badly corroded aluminum and stainless steel trailers. Dilutable up to 6:1.

ECONO – Economy Truck Wash #JP460 – Powder Product
A quick acting, high sudsing car and truck wash with mild cleaning action. Will not dull or harm surfaces. Can be used in manual or pressure systems. White powder with no aroma. Dilution: 4-6 oz. per gallon of water.

TRUCK WASH- Economical Rig Wash #JP430 – Powder Product
This fleetwashing powder is high foaming with good road film removing qualities. It can be used in pressure systems, manual operations or automatic wash systems. Will not harm vehicle surfaces. White Powder with no aroma. Dilution 2-4 oz. per gallon water.

GARBAGE TRUCK CLEANER – Vehicle Cleaner Deodorizer #J80-230
This product is the taskmaster for cleaning and deodorizing garbage trucks. It removes grease, road film and organic malodors that are common in municipal garbage trucks and dumpsters. Green with pleasant aroma. Dilution: Up to 40 to 1 with water.

AIRCRAFT CLEANER – Aircraft Detergent #J80-210
A high quality cleaner for aircraft surfaces that will not “smoke” windows or dull the paint. Contains a rust inhibitor that is an effective rust preventative. Can be used on stubborn exhaust thrust back. Dilution: Depending on application.


A concentrated auto cleaner and polish all in one. Designed to clean and protect any type of auto and truck finish. Leaves automobile spotless and clean with a bright luster finish. Dilutable up to 3:1.

REGAL WASH-n-WAX – Detailer’s Wash-n-Wax #JP480 – Powder Product
New formulation that provides detail shops with a high performance wash-n-wax. This unique product does not streak and leaves a glow to the vehicles finish. Regal rinses easy and complete. Dilution: 4-6 oz. per gallon water.

HOT SPRINGS – Detergent/Wax Combination #J80-135
This is a two-step system in one. The dirt and grime is washed away and a protective wax is left behind. The wax that is left will cause water droplets to form tight beads. Dilution: 2 to 4 ounces per gallon of water.

WASH-N-WAX – Car Wash Concentrate #S4025
High foaming synergistic blend of detergents. Deposits a wax-like mono-molecular film to give a high luster. Helps to repel dust, retard rusting, is non-streaking and completely water-soluble. Dilution Rate: Hand Washing 3 oz./gal.

WAX BRITE – Automatic Car Wash-n-Wax #J80-130
A high quality wax that is designed for use in automatic car wash systems and self-serve “pressure wash” systems. Goes on clear and produces a tight water bead effect. Dilutions: 1 ounce per 20 gallons of water at 40 PSI.


A concentrated product for automatic car washes that causes water to break up and bead when applied during the rinse cycle, thus aiding in the drying of the vehicle. Dilutable up to 3:1.

A unique blend of materials that cleans and shines even old, dull colors.

FORMULA VI – Liquid Car Polish with Caranuba Wax #C105
Liquid car polish with silicones, paint protectants and Carnauba Wax, buffable and safe for clear coats.

FORMULA X – Liquid Car Polish #C106
A liquid car polish with silicones, paint protectants, buffable and safe for clear coats. Ideal for detailers.

UNI•COAT™ #V5725
A semi-permanent and indefinitely stable, vandalism and smudge remover/refinisher for vehicles and all non-porous surfaces. Restores luster, brings back a deep shine to the surface and shields against weathering.

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