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Products For Protection and Accident Prevention

Biochem Corporation of Florida is proud to offer products for your personal protection, the protection of those around you and for on-the-job safety. We specialize in the sale of a wide range of products that are of superior quality to ensure the utmost safety protection. We are constantly striving to meet the needs of the industry and we are a member of the National Safety Council. A review of our products will convince you why Biochem Corporation of Florida is your single source for safety, security and protection needs. Our products are featured in our "Facility and Safety Supply Catalog". Be safe & order our catalog today! Catalog # CS2001.

Alcohol/Drug Testing Devices
Back Supports
Bandages & Wound Dressings
Bodily Fluid Disposal Kits
Bump Caps
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Chemical Goggles
Chemical Splash
Cleanup Absorbent
Convex Mirrors
CPR Protection Kit
Crews Goggles
Disposable Gloves
Disposable Particulate Respirators
Dust Mask Cartridges
Dust Mask Filters
Ear Plugs
Elbow Supports
Emergency Eyewash Station
Eye Protection
Eye Wear
Face Protectors
Fall Protection Equipment
First Aid Folders
Fire Extinguishers
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kit/Station Refills
First Aid Stations
Floor Signs
Glass Bandage
Hair Nets
Hard Hats
Hearing Protectors
High Capacity Sorbents
Impact Gloves
Industrial Footwear
Light Conditioners
Knee Pads
Latex Gloves
Locator Signs
Lockout Devices
Nitrile Gloves
Personal Protection Kit
Protective Clothing
Rescue System Kit
Responder Kit w/ CPR Protector
Reflective Vests
Rodent Clean Up Kits
Safety Caps
Safety Glasses
Safety Harnesses
Safety Head Gear
Safety Posters
Safety Signs
Safety Tape
Safety Vests
Shoe Covers
Shoe Protectors
Skin-Clean 2000!
Skin Shield 2000
Smoke Detectors
Suede Gloves
Slip-Resistant Coating
Teacher's Helper
First Aid Kit
Winter Thermal Headwear
Wrist Wraps

Member National Safety Council

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