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Belts, Buffing, CBN Wheels, Ceramic Wheels, Coated Abrasives, Cratex Products, Cut-Off Wheels, Depressed Center Wheels, Diamond & CBN Tools, Diamond Wheels, Discs, Dressers, Filament Brushes & Wheels, Flap Wheels, Flex-Hone, Grinding Wheels, Lapping Products, Mold Polishing Stones, Mounted Points, Non-Woven Abrasives, Sharpening Stones, Sheets, Shop Rolls, Wire Brushes & Wheels.

Bates Abrasives, Camel & Camel Flex, Carborundum, Clesco Mfg, Clover Mfg., Colonial Abrasives, Crates, Diamond Wheel Industries, Field Abrasives, Flex-Hone, Lincoln Abrasives, Marvel Abrasives, Merit, Midwest Waltham, Modern, Norton Co., Press-On, Rex Cut, Shur-Brite, Shur-Kut, Standard Abrasives, Starlite, Trinity Tool Co., United Abrasives.
Diamond Tools: Accurate Diamond Tool, MDT, Starlite, U.S. Diamond
Grinding Wheel Dressers:
Accurate Diamond Tool, Desmond-Stephen Mfg., Dia-Dex, Econ-O-Line, Harig, Holdridge Mfg., J&S Tool Company.
Wire Brushes: Weiler


Boring & Facing Heads, Boring Bars (Indexable & Brazed), Carbide Blanks, Carbide Brazed Tools, Carbide Rounds & Rods, Ceramic Inserts, Cermet Inserts, Cut-Off Blades & Tool Bits, Hardware for Tools & Boring Bars, Indexable Milling Cutters, Indexable Milling Inserts, Indexable Turning & Boring Tools, Indexable Turning Inserts, Laydown Threading Boring Bars, Laydown Threading Inserts, Laydown Threading To


Burrs: Rico
Carbide: Acra, APT (Michigan Drill), Borite, Carmet, Carmex, Criterion, Dorian, Duracarb, Everede Tool Co., GTE Walmet, H.B. Rouse, IMCO, International, ISCAR, Megamill, Micro 100, Newkut, Nikcole, North American Carbide, ProCut, Severance, Toolmex, Valenite, Vardex, V.R. Wesson.
Cut-Off Tools: Acme Grooving Tool, Duracarb, ISCAR, Micro 100, Newkut, Nikcole


Adhesives & Sealants, Anaerobics, Cleaner, Dressings, Drum Accessories, Grease, Ink & Dye, Lubricants & Penetrants, Lubrication Equipment, Machining Fluids, Markers, Misting Units, Pumps & Accessories, Mold Releases, Paint & Coatings, Parts Washers, Skimmers.

CRC, Crown Industries, Dykem, Dymon-Scrubs, Graymills, Hernon, Jet Lube, Kool Mist, LPS, Mirachem, Monroe, Permatex, Petron Plus, Ridgid, Rustilick, Safe Tap, Starrett, Tap Magic, Tapmatic, Trico, Vaughan Chemical, WD-40, ITW Fluid Products.
Coolants: Amflo, Ashburn, Kool Mist, Monroe, Rutlick, Safetap, Trico.
Layout Dies: Canode, Crown, Dykem, Miccro, Permatex.
Mist Systems: Amflo, Cedarberg, Graymills, Kool Mist, Little Giant, Loc-Line, Monroe, Noga, Trico, Wesco.
Paint Markers: Dykem, Markal Co.
Pumps: Graymills, Little Giant, Wesco.
Part Washers: Graymills
Skimmers: Zebra Skimmers Corp.
Soaps: CRC, Crown, Dymon, Mirachem, Permatex


Anchoring Products, Ball & Spring Plungers, Clamping Products, Clamps, Drill Rod, Electrical Supplies, Fasteners, Flat Stock, Lubricating Fittings, Magnets, Maintenance Kits, Oil Cups & Covers, Socket Products, Springs, Tooling Balls, T-Slot Fasteners.

Drill Rod: Precision Kidd Steal, Starrett.
Fasteners: Accurate Manufactured, American Fasteners, Atlas, Brighton Best Socket Screw, Emhart/Pop, Rockford Products, Te-Co, Thomas & Betts, Threaded Rod Co., Umbrako.
Hold Downs: Armstrong, Bessey, De-Sta-Co, Hargraves, James Morton, Kant Twist, Mitee Bite, Snap Jaws Mfg., Te-Co, Wilton.
Lubricating Fittings: Gitts Mfg., King Fisher.
Machine Mounts: Barry, Empco, Hillman Rollers, Unisorb, Vlier Engineering.
Solderless Connectors: Thomas & Betts
Threaded Rods: Threaded Rod Co.


Broaches & Set, Carbide & Carbide Tipped Drills, Carbide & Carbide Tipped End Mills, Center Drills, Counterbores & countersinks, Die Heads & Chaser, Die Stocks & Holders, Dies, Drill & Reamer Blanks, Drill Sets, Drills, End Mills & Sets, HeliCoil Thread Repair, Milling Cutters, Reamers, Roughing End Mills, Saws, Shank Type Cutters, Spade Drill Blades & Holders, Tap & Die Sets, Tap Extractors, Tapered End Mills, Tapping Tools & Accessories, Taps, Thread Gages & Measurement.

Boring Bars & Tools: Borite, Criterion, Flynn, Micro 100
Broaches: DuMont
Burrs: SGS
Countersinks & Counterbores: Alvord-Polk, APT, M.A. Ford, Michigan Drill, Micro 100, Morse Cutting Tools, Rock River Tool, Severance, Vernon Devices, Weldon.
Drills: APT, Guhring, Michigan Drill, Morse, M.A. Ford, Micro 100, Rock River Tool, Unibit, Universal Drilling & Cutting.
End Mills: IMCO, M.A. Ford, Micro 100, Minicut International, Morse Cutting Tools, Rock River Tool.
Milling Cutters: Rock River Tool
Reamers: Alvord-Pold, M.A. Ford, Morse Cutting Tools, Rock River Tool
Saw Blades: M.K. Morse, Milwaukee, Starrett
Shank Type Cutters: Micro 100, Severance
Tapping Heads: Ettco, Procunier, Tapmatic
Taps & Dies: Guhring, Hanson, Morse Cutting Tools
Threading Tool & Accessories: Cedarberg, Collis, Flynn, General, Hanson, Heli-Coil, Micro 100,Starrett, Walton.
Tool Bits & Blanks: Micro 100


Cutters & Snips, Deburring Tools, Files, Gear Pullers, Hammers, Hand Saws, Hex & Torx Tools, Insert Bits & Sets, Knives & Cutters, Levels, Plub Bobs & Protractors, Nut Drivers, Pipe & Tube Tools, Planes & Wood Chisels, Pliers & Cutters, Punches, Chisels & Pry Bars, Scrapers & Scribers, Screw Extractors, Screwdrivers & Sets, Socket Tools, Soldering Irons & Torches, Squares, Stamps & Stencils, Staple & Glue Guns, Tape Measures, Transfer Punches & Transfer Screws, Ultra-Rules, Wrenches.

Allen, Armstrong, Arrow, Bondhus, Cal-Van, Channellock, Comfort Grip, Crescent, Davies Mfg. Co., Eklind, General, Kant Twist, Klein, Knipex, Lufkin, Midwest Snips, Nicholson, Olfa, OTC, H.K. Porter, Ridge Tool Co., Spellman, Stanley-Proto, Turner, Vaco, Vaughan, Vise Grips, Weller, Wiha, Wilton, Wiss, Wright Tool, Xcelite, Walton Co., Young Brothers.
Files: Grobet, Lutz File & Tool Co., MDT, Nicholson, Severance, Simonds, Starlite.
Hammers: Garland Mfg., Hacket Brass Foundry, Vaughan
Hex Drivers: Allen, American Socket Screw, AT&G, Bondhus, Eklind Tool Co., Vaco Products
Pliers: Channellock, Crescent, Klein, Knipex, OTC, Peterson Vise Grip, Robo-Grip, Stanley-Proto, Wiss
Power Bits & Torks: Allen, AT&G, Bondhus
Snap Ring Pliers: Channellock, Hi-Tech Company, OTC
Steel Stamps ñ Hand Tools: C.H. Hanson, Rite-Mark, Young Brother Stamps


Air Compressors, Arbor Presses, Bandsaws, Belt & Disc Sanders, Bench Grinders, Circular & Cut-Off Saws, CNC Controls & CNC Machinery, Deburring Machines, Digital Readouts, Drill Grinders, Drill Presses, Drilling & Tapping Units/Attachments, Lathes, Machine Accessories, Metal Fabricating, Milling Machines, Power Washers, Sandblasters, Surface Grinders, Tool &Cutter Grinders, Tool Treatment, Vacuum, Woodworking Equipment.

Bandsaws: Amrox, Clausing, Dake/Johnson, Dremel, Ellis Mfg., Hyd-Mech, Kalamazoo, Lincoln, Milwaukee Electric, Parma Mfg., Powermatic, Roll-In-Saw, Skil, Startrite, Taylor Cut, W.F. Wells, Wellsaw, Wilton, Work-A-Matic.
CNC Machinery: Acu-Rite, Anilam, Proto Trak, Servo.
Cut-off Saws: Dake, Everett, Kalamazoo, Scotchman, Startrite, Wilton.
Dust Collectors: Baldor, Powermatic, Trinity Tool Co.
Digital Read-outs: Acu-Rite, Anilam Electronics, Mitutoyo, Proto-Trak, Sony, Scotchman.
Drill Presses: Clausing, Dumore, Ettco, Jet, Lincoln, Powermatic, Servo, Skil, Willis, Wilton
Grinders: Acer, Baldor, Black & Decker, Burr King, Cutter Master, Darex, Dumore, Foredom, Freeport, Harig, Kalamazoo, K.O. Lee, Lisle, Milwaukee Electric, Powermatic, Sharp, Skil, Starlite (Penumatic Grinders), Supertex, Toolmex, Wilton.
Hydraulics: Gates, Jet Equipment
Lathes: Acer, Birmingham, Emco-Maier, Jet, Lincoln, Mighty-Turn, Nardini, National, Prazi, Prolathe, Romi, Sharp, South Bend, Toolmex.
Machinery: Acer, Amrox, Astro, Baldo, Benchmaster, Birmingham, Bridgeport, Burr-King, Cedarberg, Clausing, Dake, Darex, Ellis, Emco-Maier, Ettco, Everett, Freeport, Harig, Hyd-Mech, Jet Equipment, Keller, K.O. Lee, Kalamazoo Ind., Lagun, Lincoln, Lisle, Mighty, Nardini, Parma, Powermatic, Prazi, Procunier, Prosathe, Roll-In, Romi, Scotchman, Servo, Sharp, Southbend, Startrite, Sterling, Supertel, Tennsmith, Toolmex, Trinco, Vega, Volstro, W.F. Wells, Wellsaw, Willis, Wilton.

Milling Machines: Acer, Astro, Bridgeport, Jet Equipment, Lagun, Lincoln, Polamco, Promill, Servo, Sharp, Southbend, Versa-Mill, Volstro, Wilis, Wilton
Multi-Spindle Drills: Ettco, Procunier
Power Feeds & Drawbars: Align, Kurt Mfg., Lyma, Servo, Tapping Heads, Ettco, Procunier, Tapmatic.
Punches/Press & Shears: Dake Press, Heinrich, National
Burr King, Cyclone, Trinity Tool Co.
Sanders: Burr King, Kalamazoo, Lincoln, Powermatic
Sheetmetal Machines: Scotchman, Tennsmith


Casters, Chain & Accessories, CNC/NC Tooling Holders & Carts, Crane Accessories, Dispensers for Drills/Taps/Etc., Drum Handling Equipment, Hand Trucks, Hoists/Pullers & Accessories, Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Maintenance Tools, Ladders, Lockers, Machinery Moving Equipment, Modular Cabinets, Pallet Pullers, Pallet Truck, Ratchet Pullers, Refuse Containers, Safety Rail, Service Carts, Shelving, Shop Furniture, Slings, Storage Carts & Bins, Storage Racks, Tarps, Tie Downs, Tool Chests/Cabinets/Boxes/Cases & Accessories, Work Benches & Stations, Work Lifters.

Akro-Mils, Budgit, Campbell, Coffing, Cotterman, Deuer, Durham, Edsa, Harrington, Hillman Rollers, Hollaender, Huot, Kennedy, Lyon, Payson, Presto, Regal, Rubbermaid, Waterloo, Wesco.



AGD and Test Indicators, Accessories, Bore and Hole Gages, Calipers and Accessories, Chamfer Gages, Depth Gages, Die Stocks/Tap Wrenches and Pin Vises, Gage Blocks/Pins, Hardness Testers, Height Gages and Transfer Stands, Layout and Inspection Tools, Magnetic Bases and Indicator Holders/Stands, Micrometers and Accessories, NDT Testing, Optical Inspection, Radius Gages, Reference Books, Roughness Gages, Rules and Squares, Set-up Tools, Snap Gages, Software, Surface Plates, Thread Gaging, Tool Sets.

Comparators/Magnifiers: Behr Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Donegan Optical Co., Dumarier Co., General, Genx, Micro-Vu Corp., Mitutoyo, Scherr-Tumico, Suburban MasterView.
Gages: Brown & Sharpe, Compac, Fred V. Fowler, Gem, Interapid, Mitutoyo, Nsk, Ono Sokki, S-T Industries, Starrett, Swiss Precision Instruments, Teclock, Tesa.
Indicators: Baker, Brown & Sharpe, Compac, Fred V. Fowler, Gem, Interapid, Mitutoyo, Mahr, Ono Sokki, Pro Check, S-T Industries, Starrett, Tellock, Speedmike, Quality Measuring Tool Repair.
Precision Tools: Brown & Sharpe , Compac, Fred V. Fowler, Gem Interapid, Kanon Mitutoyo, Nsk, Ono Sokki, S-T Industries, Starrett, Seiss Precision Instruments, Teclock, Tesa.
SPC Equipment: Brown & Sharpe, Fred V. Fowler, Mitutoyo, Starrett.
Surface Plates: Challenge, Starrett


Absorbents, Brooms & Brushes, Ergonomic Protection, Extension Cords, Fans & Heaters, First Aid, Floor Mats, Gloves, Hand Cleaners, Head & Face Protection, Hearing Protection, Lights, Locks, Protective Eyewear, Rags/Towels/Wipes, Respirators, Safety shields, Safety Cans, Tape, Two Way Radios, Waste Containers.

Brushes: Detroit Quality Brush, Joseph Lieberman & Sons, Milwaukee Brush, Ohio Brush, Weiler.
Extension Cords: Cordomatic, Powercords & Cables, SGL Waber.
Fans: Airmaster
Gage Stock: Precision-Kidd Steel, Starrett
Gloves: Ansell-Edlmont, North
Industrial Bins & Accessories: Akro-Mils, Durham, Edsal, Frick-Gallagher, Kennedy, Lyon, Safco, Waterloo.
Lamps & Lights: Bend-A-Light, Cedarberg, Dazor, Erick, Eveready, Jarrer, Maglite, Snapit, Streamlight.
Masking Tape: 3M, Tuck Industries, United Tape.
Safety Equipment: Alta, American Allsafe, Ansell-Edmont, Bouton, Cedarberg, Eastern Justrite, Medistat, Motorola, North, Techna, 3M, Wilson.
Soaps: Fast Orange.
Vacuums: Shop Vac


Air Hose, Blow Guns & Accessories, Air Turbine Tools & Accessories, Angle Grinders, Carbide & High Speed Burrs (Rotary Files), Cordless Accessories, Cordless Drills & Drivers, Die Grinders, Drill Motors, Dynabrade Tools & Accessories, Etchers & Engravers, Filters/Regulators/Lubricators, Hand Grinders & Accessories, Hole Cutters & Lubricants, Impact Wrenches & Rachets, Router Bits & Boring Bits, Routers & Accessories, Sanders & Accessories, Saw & Accessories, Shears & Nibblers, Shopvac & Accessories, Utility Hammers & Chippers.

Air Products: Air Turbine, Amflo Products, Blovac, Bostitch, Campbell Hausfeld, Cedarberg, Chicago Pneumatic, Coilhouse Pneumatic, Dynabrade Inc., Ingersoll-Rand Co., Milwaukee Sprayers, Starlite, Universal Tool.
Compressors: Campbell Hausfeld, Ingersoll-Rand.
Electric Power Tools: Bosch, Dewalt, Dremel, Dumore, Foredom, Martronics Corp., Metabo, Milwaukee Electric, Skil, Themac.


5C Collets & Fixtures, Angle Plates, Arbor Spacers, Feller Gages, Bench Centers, Bushings, Collets & Accessories, Drill & Lathe Chucks, Accessories, Endmill Sharpeners & Fixtures, Expanding Arbors & Mandresl, Index Tables, Superspacers, Knurling, Magnetic Products, Milling & Rotary Tables, Milling Arbors & Accessories, Retention Knobs, Sine Products, Tool Post Grinders, Tool Posts & Holders, Tooling Holders, VDI, V-Blocks, Vises & Accessories.

Boring Heads: Bridgeport, Criterion, Flynn, Narex, National.
Chucks: Albrecht, Autoblok, Bison, BuckChuck, Cushman Products, H&R Mfg., Jacobs, LFA, PBA, Pratt Burnerd Products, Porta, Rohm, SCA, Suburban Tool.
Clamping Products: Adjustable Clamp, Armstrong, De-Sta-Co, Good Hand, Hargraves, James Morton, Jorgensen, Kant-Twist, Mitee-Bite, Ready Clamp, Te-Co, Vise Grip, Wilton.
Collet Fixtures: Collis Inc., Harig Heinrich Company, Kalamazoo, Suburban Tool, Yuasa.
Collets: Collis, ETM, Jacobs, Lyndex, Royal
Holders/Adapters: Collis, ETM, Lyndex, Royal, Global CNC.
Live Centers: Bison, Liberty, Motor Tool, Riten, Royal, Skoda.
Magnetic Chucks: Fisher Machine Shop, Industrial Magnetics, Suburban Tool, Walker.
Rotary Tables: Nations, Palmgren, Tryoke Mfg., Yuasa International, Vertex.
Tapping Heads: Ettco, Procunier, Tapmatic, V-Flange Tooling, Collis, ETM, Lyndex, Valenite.
Tool Posts: Aloris, Dorian, Haase, KDK Products, National.
Quick Change Tooling: Aloris, Collis, Dorian, ETM, Haase, Lyndex, Narex, Rapid Switch.
Vises: Cardinal, Heinrich Company, Huron, Kurt Mfg, Palmgren, Ridgid, Simco, Starrett, Suburban, Toolex, Warren Group, Wilton, Yuasa.


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